Beating Back the Deniers

June 2, 2021 (Raleigh) This weekend’s political forecast is for heavy song-and-dance acts performed by Republican lawmakers and party leaders, all sung to the tune of “Don’t Worry–Be Happy.” The loud music will be to blare out any NCGOP convention goers who dare to question the laughable establishment claim that there was “no fraud” in the 2020 elections. So, as a public service we offer this defense against the dark arts

This post comes from the excuses that even our “conservative” lawmakers have thrown our way in order to avoid doing the hard work we hired them to perform. We follow each of their objections with something in very short supply these days: It’s called the truth.

  1. Why should we bother since Cooper will veto it?
    1. No bill is required in order for the Legislature to take on their constitutional oversight function.
    2. A slam-dunk court decision already affirmed, the Arizona State Senate authority over elections (see filings here). Though he tried to veto and then sabotage their audit, even Arizona’s McCain-class RINO Governor Doug Deucy had no power to veto or otherwise hinder his Senate’s initiative. .
  2. The crossover deadline. All bills not passed before that date cannot be taken up in the other chamber so it’s too late.
    1. Did they forget that matters relating to election laws, budget laws, and internal matters of the House  are exempt from the crossover rule.
    2. Remember item 1(a) above, “no bill is required.”
  3. Too expensive. Newby’s recount was only 3% of the vote and it cost counties a lot of money. Extrapolating those figures to the other 97% involves so much money that a bill would be necessary.
    1. Look guys… either you or the NCSBE, created all recount and audit NC election recount rules and they can all be changed.
    2. The previous rules were designed in an innocent era when bureaucracies were practically held in higher esteem than priests and rabbis.
    3. As we’ve seen in Arizona, Georgia, and New Hampshire, those days are over. Election officials can and do cheat. It is your constitutional duty to keep a skeptical eye on them… the most partisan agency in the entire state.
  4. The evidence. Before we can order an audit, we need some sort of proof that North Carolina needs one.
    1. The most glaring proof is the evidence in a Michigan lawsuit that proved the presence of modem chips embedded on the motherboard of the ES&S Model DS200, which are widely used in North Carolina.
    2. Next, we offer the NC SBE Director’s evasive responses to our discovery. Here are a few of her tells (and our quick hit on each).
      1. “It’s against the law.” (so is speeding, but only if somebody is looking.)
      2. “We have confirmed… there is not a single modem of any type in any DS200 tabulator, according to ES&S.” (The agency “confirmed” it . . .¬† “according to ES&S.” With evasion like that, the public needs to peek inside those machines in all 100 counties. According to Congressional testimony give under oath, “Studies [in multiple states] conducted in 2007 found security vulnerabilities where one compromised voting machine could then infect the entire fleet of machines for an entire county.” -Prof. Dan Wallach)
      3. “[VIP’s] blog post references the optional cellular connection.” (Are we supposed to believe that ES&S actually created two motherboards for the same machine?)
      4. “As to any suggestion to conduct a full, hand-eye recount, we believe that would be unnecessary, costly, time-consuming and a huge burden to NC counties.” (Well, the person responsible for conducting the elections thinks checking their work would be a bad idea. Do banks get to audit themselves?)
    3. Finally, we remind lawmakers that Director Bell ordered all 100 counties to forego the verification of signatures in this election. Not surprisingly, the absentee ballot rejection rate dropped from 6.3% in 2016 to just 2% in 2020. At the same time, NC experienced a 600% increase in the number of absentee ballots cast. Let’s see . . . nobody checked the signatures and the rejection rate dropped, while the number of ballot increased dramatically.
  5. Conspiracy theories. For this sort of crime to happen, it would require a vast conspiracy and no serious person can believe in conspiracies!
    1. The only difference between a theory and a crime is proof. The biggest voter fraud conspiracy ever prosecuted in US history convicted 63 people, so conspiracies can happen.
    2. It’s always a “theory” until a scientist can unpack the truth. That’s the way social science research is conducted.
    3. Quoting an op-ed from an Arizona State Representative Mark Finchem, “The conspiracy theory is that we had the ‘safest and most secure election in history,’ is one worthy of passing out tin foil hats.”

It’s time for our elected representatives fish or cut bait. if they refuse to investigate this problem, maybe they should resign now and let their parties appoint replacements.