Will Biden’s Admission Wake Us in Time?

Oct 26, 2020 (Raleigh) By now, you’ve probably seen (former) Vice-President Biden openly praising some group for building the “most extensive voter fraud organization in history,” but does it matter?

Will it alarm you as a Freudian slip? Or will a collective media dismissal put you back into a stupor?

The pundits will laugh “Ol’ Joe says the funniest things! Now, go back to your Tik Tok.”

But if you suddenly find yourself sleepless and worried, then welcome to our world.  We’ve been waiting for you!

Why not scroll past the McEnany tweet and see what you can do to protect our elections from widespread fraud.

Actions you can take to save our electoral process…


  1. First off… don’t call us! North Carolina law still locks us out of the following process. Your state may have a similar law on the books. Instead, please contact your local political party and ask them to make you an election observer. In most states, observers need to be listed on each party’s pre-approved list, so if this is your calling, then don’t put it off. In North Carolina, the deadline is 10 A.M. on the fifth day prior to the election, so you need to hustle. If you’re Unaffiliated, call them anyway!
  2. Your local party might say they no longer need any observers and offer you a “greeter” position. Before you turn your nose up at standing in front of the polls, handing out literature, think of it another way: Both parties appreciate the need for something called, “outside observers.” After all, they can see things the “inside observers” can’t.
  3. If either of those options sound appealing to you, then why not jump into VIP’s free (and growing) observer training? That way, you will have a better sense of what information is critical to the effort. You’ll also know how to collect the sort of voter fraud evidence that can force cowardly prosecutors to do their jobs.
  4. Write a check to us or to our movement’s fledgling national organization, the Election Integrity Alliance. The focus of the alliance (called “E-I-A”) is to empower state election integrity organizations in a truthful and tangible way. They can use the help, but their further development is on hold until after the election.
  5. Whatever you decide, never forget that voting is the great equalizer in American civic life. Regardless of our racial or economic background, we all have the same rights on Election Day. Pray to the Lord that we all carry out those rights in a peaceful and civil manner.

As a final thought, our goal is “open and honest elections” and not voter “suppression,” or any such nonsense. Our California counterparts, EIP-Ca, wants “every every lawfully cast vote accurately counted,” and we could not agree more. If you share the common goals of the election integrity movement, then maybe you should pick up the phone and pull up your sleeves!

~ Jay