Blowback from DOJ’s lawsuit will spur greater reform

RALEIGH,NC, October 6, 2013–In 2010, alarmed by reports of elections being overturned by suspicious recounts in Florida (2000), Washington State (2004) and in Minnesota (2008), I retired from the Air Force to help launch the Voter Integrity Project of NC.

Our idea was to identify vulnerabilities in our state’s election law by using an iterative data analysis process that would inform the public and spur Legislative reform. Huh?! Okay. . . we looked for problems in the electoral process with an eye toward fixing it.

Some of our early successes included finding three NC counties with more than 100 percent of their voting-age population registered to vote (the national average is around 67 percent, by the way); finding more than 130 Wake County residents who voted before evading jury duty by claiming non-US citizen status; finding almost 30,000 deceased voters who languished on the NC rolls for years; and prompting criminal referrals for five people (so far) who voted in both NC and Florida during 2012’s November election.

Our findings also spotlighted excessive abuse of our fraud-friendly Same-Day Registration (SDR) law. For example, in Buncombe County (Asheville area), four months after the election, 64 SDR voters were still not verified. While all of their votes counted, it’s worth noting that party control of their entire County Commission was decided by 18 votes.

On a more personal level, we’ve met dozens of eye-witnesses to voter fraud and some even testified at the April 10, 2013 public hearing held by the NC Legislative Committed on Election Law.

Among their observations from the November elections, numerous voters had great difficulty reciting their own mailing addresses without reading it off of pieces of paper.

One observer spotted the same woman voting three times. The second time, he alerted the Precinct Judge and the third time, the Judge intervened to learn that she was voting for a man. The Judge then told the woman to leave! Applying vacuous fraud-denier logic, no vote fraud happen since the voter wasn’t prosecuted!

Another observer was sickened when an elderly voter ominously queried, “will we have to register in every county we go to?”

In more innocent days, people voted from their own neighborhoods; so identity theft was rare. But, in the modern era of centralized Early Voting locations, it’s nearly impossible to catch anybody stealing another voter’s identity.

Yet, worrisome data abounds: More than 100 people voted provisionally in November 2012 because somebody already voted in their name; and causing tremendous Election Day chaos, over 7,000 people questionably voted outside their home Precinct.

Until 2016, the key to perpetrators’ success is that a utility bill is deemed “valid identification” for voting purposes in North Carolina and any skeptical election official who demands a picture ID is breaking the law.

Our biggest epiphany was the realization that North Carolina’s fraud-friendly election laws were refined over 100-plus years of one-party rule and those who long enjoyed the advantage will not easily relinquish their grip on power.

Our Legislature endured slings and arrows to plug several of the more gaping loopholes. Some of the most obvious problems involved determining the true identity of a voter; preventing out-of-state visitors from registering and voting a few days before the election; limiting the damage of unscrupulous activists attempting to “overwhelm the system” with provisional ballots; and stopping tyrannical Precinct Judges throwing from ejecting observers who see something suspicious.

Desperately, Attorney General Holder filed suit to keep North Carolina manacled to our fraud-friendly past.  Like a reckless child screaming “Fire!” in a crowded theater, Mr. Holder even foments racial tensions to maintain the status quo. . . but it won’t work.

The DOJ’s overreaching move shocked some of our associates, but our team was excited. This lawsuit is among the most epic blunders the Left has made since the Alger Hiss trial.

Holder’s trumped-up lawsuit will finally illuminate the breathtakingly stupid election laws we have at both the state and federal level; and as details emerge, an outraged public will demand dramatic election law reform, up to and including the complete re-registration of every living and lawful voter in America.

For the rest of his life, Mr. Holder will regret picking this fight in the Tar Heel state.