SBOE Bogus Fraud Reporting (Pt. 1)

Dancing Around the Truth

January 24, 2019 (Raleigh) There is much we have said about voter fraud, but we just serve, more or less, as the watchmen on the wall and, like that guy, if we alert the public and are ignored. . . then the blood is on the hands of the politicians. If we do not alert the public, then the blood is on ours.

That’s why we’re alerting you.

Some politicians seem to get it, but they’re too few to make an impact on the overall direction of the election integrity movement. When the election officials who supervise and conduct the elections and then hide the flaws in the process, we have a problem. The answer is adult supervision, but even that is subject to the political process.

Below is the first in a series that helps dissect the NC State Board of Elections so-called “audit” of voter fraud that they identified during the 2016 elections. You may access the actual “audit” by clicking here.

The screenshot (below) says it all in this episode, but you will have a hard time catching the context unless you watch the five-minute clip. If your too A-D-D to do that, then here’s the bottom line: Election officials are hiding something.

The laws prevent measures that would confirm voter impersonation fraud. When I’ve shown certain highly placed state election officials this problem at point-blank range, all I got was something like, “why would we want to tell people how easy it is to commit voter fraud?”

They ignore the fact that if I can steal one vote, then I can steal a thousand.

While North Carolina’s recently enacted voter ID law is a good start, it will only stop honest people. Okay, it also stops less honest people from making an impulsive decision to vote for a former college roommate or a deceased relative.

Thanks to our federal judiciary, no state in the union is allowed to have a voter ID law that would actually work in preventing criminal-enterprise level vote fraud. If you watch this film clip, you will see how the SBOE avoids that inconvenient truth.

We hope you enjoy Part 1.

~ jd