Braynard Busted!

Dec 12, 2020 (Who knows?) Matt Braynard, the traveling road show may have hit a bump this week, when the man falsely claiming to be the “founder” of Voter Integrity Project was called out by a Georgia lawmaker who verified some of Matt’s numbers by reaching out to the actual people he had claimed were illegal voters.

It did not go well.

A leftist publication, called Mother Jones gleefully reported the train wreck (click here).

We have more to say about this, but will save it for later. In the mean time, check out our”About” page if you want to see more about Brother Braynard and his context in the greater election integrity movement.

Bottom line: His rookie mistakes are embarrassing to himself, but he should recover if he seeks out responsible mentorship from some of the veterans of the movement.

Absent his seeking wisdom…

Let’s just say he should seek out wisdom.

Courtesy LinkedIn