Buncombe BOE Blunders in Caving to Mob

Playing to a packed room, mostly made of “Progressive” activists from the League of Women Voters, the Buncombe County Board of Elections swiftly moved to short circuit an investigation, prompted by the Asheville Tea Party and the Voter Integrity Project, that had identified 71 Asheville-area voters who may have been victims of voter identity theft.

“This was the first challenge we have filed under a Republican controlled Board of Elections,” said Jay DeLancy, Director of VIP-NC, “and it was almost a carbon copy of when Democrats ran the process. In both cases, two wolves and a sheep voted to dismiss any challenges that might have exposed the existence of voter fraud, while sustaining the ones that were innocuous.”

Photo of the room five minutes before the hearing began.

Ten minutes later, more chairs were added and people stood in the hallway throughout the entire hearing.

(Picture Caption: Attorney and League of Women Voters activist, Sarah Zambon (far right of picture) initially accused the ATP and VIP of racial profiling as she demanded the Board dismiss all 182 challenges. VIP later told the Board that 35 challenged voters were black and 127 were white. Party affiliations included 78 Democrats, 72 Unaffiliated voters and 31 Republicans, closely matching Buncombe County voter demographics.)

At issue were some Asheville-area voters who appeared to no longer live at their registration’s address, but may have had a vote cast in their name within the past two years. The ATP combined shoe leather with database research (provided by VIP) to investigate any residential addresses with eight or more people registered as voters.

After sorting for “voter density” at those addresses, a canvasser visited the resident and spoke with an occupant who confirmed which voters were no longer there. The group then mailed letters to those identified voters and submitted the returned letters as “prima facie evidence” the voters no longer lived in the Precinct.

“Members of the criminal enterprise formally known as ACORN have been convicted in numerous states of fraudulently embedding voters at addresses at which they did not reside,” said DeLancy. “We developed an algorithm to ferret out some of these fictional voters, but the Board didn’t want to investigate.”

Between 2010 and 2012, ACORN members have been convicted of creating fictitious voters in California, Nevada, Texas and Louisiana, but not in North Carolina. The singular conviction involving similar such activity in NC was discovered in 2004, when a Progressive activist from the [Ralph] Nader-backed NC-PIRG, was caught duplicating the names of registered voters at their same address and adding a “Junior” behind their names.

“To be clear, we are not suggesting the 71 people, erroneously dismissed by the Board, had all committed vote fraud, nor are we saying they were even victims of vote fraud,” said DeLancy, “but with only a little bit more evidence, the Board had a valuable opportunity to determine the level of vote fraud going on their own back yard… but two Board members had a different agenda. Progressives can distort the truth all they want and even slow us down at times; but we will get to the truth one day and that strikes fear in their hearts.”


Asheville Citizen-Times reported on the preliminary hearing and this link should take you there. (Sorry, but it looks like a paywall site.)

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Democracy is when two wolves and a sheep vote on what to enjoy for lunch. The tip of the spear for our entire political process comes down to each county’s Board of Election. The party of the Governor (in each state) gets two seats on those boards and the minority party gets one. The Buncombe County Board of Election consists of (left to right) Secretary Robert Knapp (R), Chairman John Jay Watson (R), Member Lucy Smith (D). Knapp joined Smith to dismiss Bill Whitehead’s challenge of 55 persons with “Active” voting records from an address at which (evidence suggested) they did not “lay their head” at night. The two also dismissed 16 persons who did not “lay their head” at their registration’s residence but had provided a forwarding address to the BOE.

(Picture Caption: Board Chairman John Watson (center) voted against dismissing 55 cases where letters to voters were returned undeliverable, but was overridden by the other Republican, Robert Knapp and Democrat retread from previous Board, Lucy Smith. The entire board dismissed 16 challenges involving voters who didn’t “lay their head” at their registration’s address but had listed alternative mailing addresses.)

Please check back later, at the “Director’s Blog” under the “News” tab on this site, for Jay DeLancy’s more detailed account of the Buncombe County BOE probable cause hearing.