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Voter Density in several NC counties pinpoints potential vote fraud hot spots

We’ve finally located our long-lost “Top-Ten list” of NC counties most likely to experience rampant voter fraud in the 2012 elections. This advisory from early last year is now posted (again) on our site to show how morbidly obese the voter rolls are in North Carolina. Please note that the national average for voter density …

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‘Bogus-Address’ Voters Must Be Stopped

[Note: This story was published in the NC Free Press July 10, 2013] The Voter Integrity Project of NC has found lots of breathtaking loopholes in North Carolina’s election laws; but very few are as loopy as policies that enable people we call “bogus-addresses” (or BA) voters. They do this by voting from an address …

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Response to Wake Forest University Student Newspaper

(Raleigh, NC)—MAY 1, 2013— Besides voter ID, there is probably no election reform bill in the 2013 Legislature that poses a greater existential threat to Progressives than SB 667: a bill that would make college students vote like . . . well . . . adults; but it’s only hanging by a thread thanks to …

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