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The Devil is in the Details — by John Pizzo, Director of Research, VIP

“Hundreds of Voters Are Disenfranchised by North Carolina’s New Voting Restrictions” [The Nation] “Be Prepared: Hundreds of Voters Lost Their Votes in 2014 Primary Due to New Election Rules” [Democracy-NC] There they go again….both The Nation and its ally in spreading falsehoods, “Democracy-NC,” are intentionally spreading misinformation. “How so?” you ask…..let’s count the ways……. In …

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Cherry Picking the Data

How Democracy NC Twisted Data to Defend a Fraud-Friendly Law Oct 8, 2014–Raleigh, NC–The Voter Integrity Project, today released their final assessment of a “research” report released in September by the George Soros-backed activist group, Democracy NC. in an effort to manipulate public opinion by claiming the North Carolina legislature’s elimination of a certain fraud-friendly provision in NC election law …

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Brace for Bad 4th Circuit Ruling

“NC Vote suppression Laws Struck Down by Federal Judges.” At least, that’s how those McClatchy “news” papers describe laws designed to reduce vote fraud and equalize the rights of all citizens seeking free elections; but even sadder, that will be the gist of their “news” reports. North Carolina’s trial of the century will probably suffer this setback …

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Frontline Report

​ There is nothing in the world like sitting in a room, watching as some of the most brilliant lawyers in America duke it out like some sort of UFC smack down. Even so, it was surprising to see how much energy they spent arguing back and forth over the meaning of the term, “status quo.” At issue …

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Gamechanger is Here!

Glen Englram was stunned. After winding down his private sector career, almost four years ago, he and his wife, Ruth, bought their Western North Carolina retirement home and began the next phase of their lives. But they briefly thought they were back in Chicago when they learned that three unknown persons were registered to vote from their address, more than three …

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Statement on Democracy NC Press Conference 9/10/2014

While we haven’t yet seen the full Democracy NC report, we stand in support of North Carolina’s current leadership for displaying courage by seriously investigating 81 cases of deceased voter ID theft, 165 people forced to vote provisionally after being told that somebody had already voted in their name and the 36,515 suspected cases of vote fraud through multi-state double voting. While some …

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How VIP tracked down Perp #5

May 18, 2015–RALEIGH–We’re anticipating an arrest of this guy any day now. In case his friends are telling him about this site, we cannot say much about this guy, beyond this: Law Enforcement personnel are looking for him in three states for the crime of voting illegally in the November 2012 general election. We recently learned …

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