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Help Prevent the Spread of Oregon Madness

Mar 17, 2015 (RALEIGH) Flying under the banner of “increasing voter participation,” Oregon has taken a dangerous step to  automatically register every person to vote at the same time as they apply for a driver’s license, while ignoring the door this process will open to enterprise-level vote fraud. The 1993 National Voter Registration Act (commonly called “motor …

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Moore County Challenge Hearing Set for Tomorrow

Mar 10, 2015 (CARTHAGE, NC) The County Board of Elections will resolve the status of 109 voters, tomorrow morning, at 10:00, in room #104 of the Rhyne Public Safety Center. The voters were all challenged by Pinehurst resident, Carol Wheeldon, after her research team discovered around 500 voters who did not live at the addresses listed on their …

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New Bill to Close 15-Year-Old Loophole

Feb 27, 2015 (RALEIGH) — Thanks to a 15-year-old loophole in NC election law, it’s perfectly legal for your county’s Board of Elections to staff an early voting location entirely with one political party, but a bill introduced earlier this week by Representative Michael Speciale (if passed) will curtail such possibilities from ever happening. On Election Day, the …

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Tiny Tweak to NC Election Law Has Major Implications

Feb 25, 2015 (RALEIGH) — Yesterday’s surprise snowstorm in most of North Carolina will seem like a minor inconvenience when the storm erupts in some dark places after certain parties learn about a minor one-page bill, filed by Representative Michael Speciale, late that afternoon. The simple measure will apply the same anti-partisanship staffing rules at early (or “one-stop”) voting locations as the …

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April FUN-raiser postponed until after “lawfare” ends

NOTICE: In light of recent legal harassment by vote-fraud-denying organizations, this event will be postponed until after the bevy of state and federal lawsuits against NC’s voter ID law have been settled. For more information about how those suits are affecting VIP, please visit our story on “lawfare” (after it is posted). Anybody who already …

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Legislative Advisory #1 — Kill the Curbside Loophole

Feb 10, 2015 (PINEHURST) The Voter Integrity Project of North Carolina called for the emergency repeal of a “loophole” in last year’s voter ID law; this, in the group’s first of of five election law reform initiatives they’re proposing during the 2015-2016 NC General Assembly. The document, called a “Legislative Advisory,” can be viewed by clicking …

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Moore County VIP Team Files 109 Challenges

Jan 29, 2015–CARTHAGE, NC–Reflecting more than six months of work, the Moore County Voter Integrity Project, today, gave their Board of Elections a first batch of challenges to the rights of 109 voters to remain registered in their precinct long after abandoning the address they gave in their registrations. “The challenges trigger a quasi-judicial proceeding,” said Jay DeLancy, …

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