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77 deceased remain on voter rolls – Daily Herald in Lake Gaston

From the Daily Herald in the Roanoke Valley and Lake Gaston area: A group aiming to ensure fair elections paid a visit to Halifax County to clean up the voter registration rolls Tuesday morning. At 10 a.m. Tuesday, Jay DeLancy, of Raleigh, executive director of the Voter Integrity Project of North Carolina, and Richard Scott, …

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Alamance Group Prompts Election Board to Remove Deceased Citizens from Voter Rolls

Voter Integrity Project of NC (VIP-NC) offered high praise Tuesday for the Alamance County Board of Elections, which sustained all 123 challenges against deceased citizens who the group found were still on the voter rolls. “Kathy Holland’s team worked tirelessly to investigate our claims,” said Mike Kelley, the local resident responsible for the challenges, “and …

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VIP NC Challenges Hundreds of Dead Voters in Wake County

NC Group Pushes Voter Roll Review Following Florida Federal Court Ruling

(Raleigh, NC)–Voter Integrity Project of North Carolina requested today that the NC Board of Elections immediately review its voter rolls after a federal judge ruled against the Obama Administration to allow Florida officials access to a Homeland Security database tracking non-US citizens living in their state. “We learned in a Wake County hearing that the …

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Minnesota’s Election Day voter registration challenged in court

While a constitutional amendment to require voters to show photo identification at the polls has dominated headlines these days, a separate court case challenging Minnesota’s same-day voter registration rules was heard in federal court Friday. In their lawsuit, the Minnesota Voters Alliance, the Minnesota Freedom Council and others argue that the state should determine whether …

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Dogs, dead people get election docs from nonprofit

The voter registration form arrived in the mail last month with some key information already filled in: Rosie Charlston’s name was complete, as was her Seattle address. Problem is, Rosie was a black lab who died in 1998. A group called the Voter Participation Center has touted the distribution of some 5 million registration forms …

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Feds OK Florida’s access to citizens list, Scott declares ‘victory’ for voters

Florida GOP Gov. Rick Scott on Saturday lauded the Obama administration’s new announcement that gives the state access to a federal database, but he also called the standoff-ending decision a “significant victory” for Florida. The database, known as SAVE, is a list of resident non-citizens maintained by the agency and would help the state to …

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Elaine Marshall (Sec of State) is Working to Stop Voter Photo ID

Below is a message that appears on Elaine Marshall’s campaign website asking visitors to sign a petition against voter photo ID.  She is reciting the mantra of the left, saying that the law is a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist…. Ms. Marshall sounds like she knows something that no one else knows when she writes, “Right …

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