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Intel Report 7/7/2014

(Winston Salem, NC) North Carolina’s trial of the century began today, in a courtroom that seats 100 spectators; so Pat Klienmeier (Forsyth County VIP Leader) and I braved the heat in a futile effort to get in on the opening day. The problem was the lovely air conditioned bus that offloaded 50-60 rent-a-mob activists just …

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The Left reacts to poll watchers in Mississippi

Let me see…if poll watchers do their job, they are somehow suppressing the black vote. See if you agree….   Scaring Away Black Voters in Mississippi By JULIET LAPIDOS JUNE 23, 2014 2:55 PM 4 Comments Several right-wing groups have banded together to form a “voter integrity project’ in response to the news that Senator …

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Intel Report (6/19/2014)

Raleigh, NC—June 19—The appeasement cycle to erode open and honest elections gained momentum this week in North Carolina. While wandering the halls, begging Senators to kill the Everette Harris Act (a feel-good bill that would have allowed Everette Harris’ vote to count), a highly placed elected official confirmed that a key Senator “had killed” the three election …

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Afghans vote in run-off election despite Taliban threats but 46 are killed | The Australian

AFGHANS again defied Taliban threats by voting yesterday in a second-round presidential election as US-led combat troops wind down a 13-year war that has failed to defeat the insurgents, but at least 46 people were killed. Afghans vote in run-off election despite Taliban threats but 46 are killed | The Australian.

Media and Mental Illness: CNN’s Coverage of VIP

(Raleigh, NC)–June 14, 2014–CNN took their first-ever shot at the Voter Integrity Project about a week ago in an article (linked below) called, “Vigilante or vindicator?” I gave the interview in early May at the advice of a trusted intermediary who later told me she felt betrayed by the reporter’s handling of VIP. While the story …

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Countdown to Evidence Destruction

Raleigh, NC–May 29–While we’re ecstatic  with NC SBoE Director Kim Strach’s decision to hire Chuck Stuber, a real criminal fraud investigator with some serious chops, we worry about his shoes. He needs to move fast! Forget Nike, this guy will need a something like a Nimbus 2000 to investigate all of the multi-state double voters before the evidence is destroyed. This all …

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VIP Legislative Goals for 2014 “Short Session”

The Voter Integrity Project of NC has certain areas of North Carolina’s election law that need adjustments. A few of the areas we would like to see addressed during the 2014 “short session” are explained here. Please continue reading to see.

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Return of the Zombie Voters

(Raleigh, NC)–MAY 26, 2014–We didn’t quite run into zombies with “I Voted” stickers in the hallway last week at the Legislature, but we were stunned to learn there is movement afoot to change the law regarding dead voters: If passed, the measure will legalize counting the votes of people who die before Election Day, which …

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