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Federal Judge Denies Holder’s Petition to Delay NC Election Law Reforms.

RALEIGH, N.C. — In another setback for Attorney General Eric Holder, Federal Judge, Thomas Schroeder from the Middle District of NC, denied a preliminary motion to enjoin the State Board of Elections’ implementation of new voting laws enacted in August 2013. (Download the 125-page text of order by clicking here). “Dredging up North Carolina’s shameful Jim Crow past is largely irrelevant in 2014” said Jay …

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Countdown to Evidence Destruction

Raleigh, NC–May 29–While we’re ecstatic  with NC SBoE Director Kim Strach’s decision to hire Chuck Stuber, a real criminal fraud investigator with some serious chops, we worry about his shoes. He needs to move fast! Forget Nike, this guy will need a something like a Nimbus 2000 to investigate all of the multi-state double voters before the evidence is destroyed. This all …

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More Questions Arise After Latest Multi-State Voting Data

(Raleigh, NC)— APR 30, 2014—The NC State Board of Elections, late yesterday, released their state-by-state breakdown of double voters from the November 2012 election, in response to a VIP-NC public-record request and the findings raise serious concerns about organized criminal vote fraud, according to the group. “We suspected around 75 percent of our cross-border voters …

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More Than 20,000 NC Voters Have Fake Registration Addresses

Raleigh, NC)— APR 16, 2014—The Voter Integrity Project of North Carolina, today, submitted data to the NC State Board of Elections that show 20,532 NC voters were registered at street addresses that do not exist and 13,027 (or 63.4%) of them listed a post office box as their alternative mailing address. “We are amazed that …

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NEWS FLASH! NC SBOE Issues Do-Not-Destroy Order to 100 County Boards.

APR 9, 2014–Raleigh, NC–North Carolina State Board of Elections Director Kim Strach issued an emergency directive Tuesday ordering all 100 NC County Boards to retain the signed voting records generated during the 2012 general election.  Such records will be essential to the investigation of each of the thousands of cases of suspected double-voting reported by the …

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Observer Bill of Rights

Problem: We have received numerous reports of Election Observers being abused by Chief Judges at the precincts and would like the Legislature to correct this problem (IAW HB 589, Section 11.2) during the 2014 “short” session.

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Vote Fraud Exposed in Pembroke Council Race (Part 1)

(Raleigh, NC)-FEB 13, 2014—People who honestly study election fraud often worry that the biggest victims of vote fraud are “the poor,” because (the reasoning goes) they are easily frightened out of doing anything about it. Nothing has confirmed that myth better than the November 2013 Town Council elections in Pembroke, NC. The race was tied …

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Robbing Mentally Incompetent NC Voters… Chicago Style

Progressive groups chant that photo ID is “a problem in search of a solution,” as they scoff at the entire notion of vote fraud. Terrified of any election law reform, they impute evil intentions for those of us who stand against election fraud. So the time has come to explain the historical origins of modern …

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