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Blowback from DOJ’s lawsuit will spur greater reform

RALEIGH,NC, October 6, 2013–In 2010, alarmed by reports of elections being overturned by suspicious recounts in Florida (2000), Washington State (2004) and in Minnesota (2008), I retired from the Air Force to help launch the Voter Integrity Project of NC. Our idea was to identify vulnerabilities in our state’s election law by using an iterative …

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The Whole World’s Watching!

(Raleigh, NC)-SEP 30, 2013- “In filing his frivolous lawsuit today against our state, US Attorney General Eric Holder has hit a new low by dredging up North Carolina’s shameful racist past as a pretense to reverse the most effective election-fraud-prevention legislation our state has undertaken in more than a century. Mr. Holder’s colossal blunder today …

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Why there is no vote fraud in NC. . .

(Raleigh, NC)—AUG 18, 2013—After finally discovering the identities of the five persons who voted twice in the November 2012 election, the Voter Integrity Project of NC is ready to announce more stunning news: We can now reveal why there is no vote fraud in North Carolina. But first, I need to refresh the public memory …

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Beware of Partisan Push Polling

(Raleigh, NC)—AUG 13, 2013—No sooner had Governor McCrory signed the voter ID bill into law that a group called “Public Policy Polling” breathlessly reported, that their new poll, “conducted over the weekend, finds that only 39% of voters in the state support the voting/elections law to 50% who are opposed to it.” In the fast-paced …

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At last . . . voter ID becomes law in NC.

(Raleigh, NC)—AUG 12, 2013—“North Carolina took a giant leap forward today when Governor McCrory signed the voter ID bill into law,” said Jay DeLancy, Executive Director for the Voter Integrity Project of NC. “After it takes effect in 2016, North Carolina will join 18 states and free nations around the world, like Mexico, Kenya, and …

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Debunking Media Myths about Student Voters

Leftist groups in North Carolina and beyond continue to hold a losing hand in the voter ID game; but with the help of the highly partisan media, they’re trying to bluff their way out of it. Case in point is the voter ID bill and the superb corrections the NC Senate made to the final …

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Did Thom Tillis really blame constitutional lawyers for his bad voter ID bill?

Tom Tillis’ wide-ranging interview by Don Curtis (owner of Curtis Media) was aired on May 12, 2013. The questions about HB 589 begin around the 42:00 minute mark. (VIP-NC commentary will follow the transcript).

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VIP-NC Response to Passage of HB 589 (“Voter ID” legislation)

The only excuse that Thom Tillis’ indirectly gave us about his stunningly weak “voter ID” law is that Eric Holder was making him do it. We hope the voters will keep that in mind if they should ever see Thom’s name on a ballot again. . . . Now, the battle moves on to the …

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