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Blueprint’s Minor Raleigh Ruckus

June 4, 2015 (Raleigh) Early last night, the State Board of Elections kicked off their first of nine public hearings on implementation rules for North Carolina’s voter ID law, but it quickly devolved into a coordinated ruckus by “progressive” mobs, lying in wait, perhaps, in more ways than one. To be fair, some speakers did …

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VIP Honored with an Al Jazerra Amerika Hit Job

Oct 29, 2014 (RALEIGH) — It’s not every day that a news crew shoves their camera in your face to try and rattle you, but Al Jazz accomplished the opposite effect: It was actually a humorous ambush interview by an all in-your-face reporter, Greg Palast, from the network that Al Gore once owned but later dumped …

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Statement on Democracy NC Press Conference 9/10/2014

While we haven’t yet seen the full Democracy NC report, we stand in support of North Carolina’s current leadership for displaying courage by seriously investigating 81 cases of deceased voter ID theft, 165 people forced to vote provisionally after being told that somebody had already voted in their name and the 36,515 suspected cases of vote fraud through multi-state double voting. While some …

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Amusing Clown Show by Democracy-NC

(Raleigh, NC) MAY 13, 2014–Yesterday’s amusing demonstration by the Soros Circus Clowns at Democracy NC underscores how desperate Progressives are to change the subject when it comes to election fraud. “Repeat after me,” they say, “these are not the droids you’re looking for.” Their cutesy trick involved them finding four politicians whose names and DOBs matched the …

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NAACP lawsuit update

There has been a great deal of confusion created by… among other people… me over the NAACP lawsuit. To be clear, that formerly proud organization filed legal action against our Governor and the leadership of the NC House, NC Senate and the NC Board of Elections. As the plaintiff, they can subpoena records from anybody …

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Irony Defined: NAACP Bullies VIP for Confidential Records

(Raleigh, NC)  Christmas was postponed indefinitely last month for the Voter Integrity Project after the NAACP served an expansive subpoena for the records of VIP on Friday, December 20, 2013. “We won’t take this bullying lightly, but do marvel at their hypocrisy,” said Jay DeLancy, Chief Executive of the Voter Integrity Project-NC. “It looks like …

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It’s time to laugh at the Marxist Monday crowd!

Sensing an end to this Astroturf movement, our trusted “news” media are now promoting “protest music” as a new feature to their Monday night follies (currently marketed as “Moral Mondays”). But as Warren Zevon almost said, “that train runs both ways!” Introducing Julia Blueprint, our gifted discovery who satirizes the “Moral Monday” crowd with a …

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Tell me they are kidding!

The Republican-controlled NC Legislature, today, moved one step closer to a voter ID law that will guarantee systematic election fraud for generations to come.

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