Cherry Picking the Data

How Democracy NC Twisted Data to Defend a Fraud-Friendly Law

Oct 8, 2014–Raleigh, NC–The Voter Integrity Project, today released their final assessment of a “research” report released in September by the George Soros-backed activist group, Democracy NC. in an effort to manipulate public opinion by claiming the North Carolina legislature’s elimination of a certain fraud-friendly provision in NC election law was somehow the reason for 400 voters being “denied a chance to have their voices heard.”

The VIP response, called “The Devil is in the Details,” was written by VIP Research Director, John Pizzo, a quality engineer with a Six Sigma Blackbelt and more than 30 years experience in private industry continuous process improvement. The response pulled no punches in calling their work “deception at the basest level.”D-NC_Prop

“[T]hey hand-selected only those voters they wished to include in their sample,” he said, [and then] concluded, based on a biased statistic deliberately contrived to give you, the reader, a distorted view of reality that the election reform’s elimination of same day registration is somehow designed to adversely affect non-whites.”


The response featured tables that compared the 452 voters Democracy NC sampled with the 964 voters the group ignored. Pizzo suggested the omission of so many voters had the effect of misleading the public on the law’s effect.

“They tried to use the unapproved ballots to claim that race was the driving factor,” Pizzo said, “but they ignored the opposite effect that same methodology had on the approved ballots.”

For example, while 27.1% of the approved ballots belonged to voters identifying themselves as black, only 19% of all voters actually were black. Using the same reasoning that Democracy NC used on unapproved ballots, one could claim there was a bias in favor of black voters in the provisional ballot approvals.

“Are we to conclude that the new law eliminating same day registration somehow boosted the approval rate for black voters?” Pizzo asked. “We think not. Neither should you.”

The original Democracy NC “research” included the twelve most emotionally manipulative cases of people whose votes were not counted, the group asserted, because the practice of registering and voting on the same day (called SDR voting) had been outlawed by the most recent General Assembly.

The VIP response included a case-by-case analysis that Jay DeLancy conducted after investigating the details surrounding each specific voter’s problem and then consulting with other election officials familiar with the practices and training required (and funded) by the state.

“Every single one of their selected victims had at least two other factors involved in their not getting to vote,” said DeLancy. “Each example involved either personal negligence by the voter or negligence by an official from another government organization or both. Some may even point to criminal behavior.”

Democracy NC glossed over the details of such systematic failures, and used selected aspects of their stories to support reinstatement of SDR voting, which is a provision that both the Voter Integrity Project and most professional election administration officials agree is too permissive of fraudulent voting.

“Same Day Registration does not allow enough time for the county boards of election to verify that the person voting is actually eligible to vote,” said DeLancy, “which is why it has been eliminated in North Carolina and is not permitted in most other states. At its peak, 14 states allowed it, but now only eight states are either too irresponsible or too corrupt to care that same-day registration invites wholesale election fraud.”


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