More Evidence Points to Collusion Against Harris

July 22, 2020 (Raleigh) Another serious question emerges after last week’s stunning announcement that the (then) NC State Board of Elections vice-Chairman, Josh Malcolm, had used his UNC-Pembroke cell phone to exchange frequent text messages throughout the campaign with the Democrat congressional candidate, Dan McCready: Could Malcolm have been the source who, in early 2018, leaked plans for a criminal investigation into that year’s upcoming congressional election?

Recall Bladen County Improvement Association (BCIA) President Horace Munn’s 2019 declaration that his organization had not engaged in any “absentee ballot programs” that year because he had been “tipped off” about the upcoming investigation.

Despite Munn’s claim, documents revealed during the evidentiary hearing confirmed that employees from his organization delivered 458 absentee ballot applications to the Bladen County Board of Elections (CBE).

According to a report at the time, Munn, who heads an African-American voter mobilization organization, funded largely by Democrats, explained that the 458 applications were delivered by “individual members” of the BCIA, who happened to be working in their “individual capacities.”

And with that breezy explanation, state election investigators turned a blind eye to all BCIA actions and instead targeted their entire effort at the lone ballot harvesting operation being funded by Republican congressional candidate, Mark Harris, and led by Bladen Soil and Water Commissioner McCrae Dowless.

Now that Wake DA Lorrin Freeman, the state-appointed Special Prosecutor for the Dowless indictment, has cleared Congressman-Elect(ed) Harris of any charges stemming from his 2018 election, it begs the question: Are state and federal law enforcement personnel interested in figuring out how a lawfully elected Congressman was forced to resign his office before even being sworn in?

If so, they could start by digging into who tipped off Munn. In addition to preventing Munn from becoming a suspect, that action compromised a criminal investigation into widespread ballot harvesting throughout the region.

Wait… Isn’t Malcolm from Robeson County?

In March of 2019, we reported about the Robeson County evidence that showed 231 ballot-request forms were delivered to their office by Jennifer Boyd, a Dowless associate; yet the same documents somehow hid the names of people who delivered around 1,800 other completed request forms to that same office.

When confronted with the obvious manipulation of evidence, the (now) former SBE Executive Director Kim Strach admitted her office was “puzzled” by it. She later kept a straight face, while telling the Board that her agency “found no evidence” of illegal activity in Robeson County.

Was anyone puzzled over who ran the ballot harvest operation in Robeson County that dwarfed the Bladen County operation run by Dowless?

Was anyone bothered over who tipped off Munn and blew up a criminal investigation into his own actions?

Was anyone puzzled about why UNC-Pembroke continues to spend taxpayer funds in order to block public access to Malcolm’s public communication between two state agencies on government equipment?

And finally, was anyone puzzled about who may have conspired with Malcolm to target Dowless and unseat a lawfully elected US Congressman?

Anyone…? Anyone…? Bueller…?