Cooper Veto Exposes Feckless Legislature

Dec 3, 2021

To the shock and dismay of nobody, North Carolina’s Democrat Governor, Roy Cooper, yesterday, vetoed Senate Bill 326, called the Election Day Integrity Act, that would have prevented organized ballot harvesting efforts after the results are known.

The Democrat strategy of post-election ballot harvesting was widely exposed in 2018 after Bladen County’s Jens Lutz lied to prosecutors who then targeted Leslie “McCrae” Dowless for exploiting this gray area of election law, which ultimately unseated Congressman-elect Mark Harris.

The practice was also highlighted in California that same year, when several GOP Congressional winners ultimately lost several days after the election because of organized ballot harvesting enterprises.

Stretching the election out for days, weeks, and months is a strategy the Left is using to undermine both the integrity of elections and the public’s confidence in the outcome, so Governor Cooper naturally vetoed the bill.

Our old buddy at Indy Week, Jane Porter, picked up the preferred Leftist spin on the veto, declaring that 326 was “the GOP’s latest voter suppression bill.”

We initially met Porter when she smeared after our first Voter Integrity Bootcamp, way back in 2013. She later doubled down on her hatred of VIP with a laughable hit piece after the May 2016 primaries.

As if taking orders straight out of the Media Matters playbook, Porter referred to an undercover video we released that year, dismissing it as “selectively edited.” As you can see for yourself, the unedited piece shows a seasoned election employee trying to disenfranchise me (Jay DeLancy), an Unaffiliated voter, out of my Republican ballot option.

But enough about Leftist media. Let’s discuss a Leftist politician!

Roy Cooper’s rationale for the veto, completely in line with Porter’s talking point, declared, “the bill virtually guarantees that some [votes] will go uncounted.”

How many, Roy?

Calling SB 326 an “act” is probably the best indicator of what this bill was designed to do.

Doomed from the beginning, the bill virtually guaranteed a Cooper veto for one reason: The Left’s’ agenda is greatly advanced with election laws that facilitate voter fraud and prevent its detection.

This is part of the “civil rights distortion” that’s cooked into the culture in a manipulative way. As a result, any law that enhances the integrity of elections is deemed to suppress millions of imaginary voter in theory, but none in particular.

Unlike the Jim Crow-Democrat days in the South, modern election laws are applied equally to all voters, so the Left has never succeeded at producing a lawful voter who was unable to vote, for example, as a result of the voter ID law.

The only reason the get away with it is because the proponents of election integrity are too afraid of media criticism.

So, instead of taking actions that circumvent a scheming Governor, our Legislature plays into his hand, again.

For example, and this would require a few Democrats to help, but they could leave the issue up to the voters by enacting a series of constitutional amendments on election integrity. By that same constitution, the Governor is not allowed an opportunity to veto such a bill.

Another example is to use the committee process and subpoena any evidence they want in order to figure out how election officials did everything they could to undermine this state’s conservative majority.

The most obvious first bite at that apple would involve the Legislature securing and analyzing every single absentee ballot envelope issued in the 2020 election.

We understand if you forgot this, but NC’s Executive Director of Elections, Karen “Bartlett” Bell, issued a decree in September 2020, that surprised lawmakers in it audacity by ordering, yes, ordering, county election boards to accept absentee ballots without checking any of the signatures.

Following the practices of her Dark Lord, Gary Bartlett, she exploited a loophole in state law that requires certain election documents to be signed, but does not specifically require the signatures to be verified.

Now, we realize that lawmakers are busy and have a lot more on their plates than the single issue driving the nationwide movement for election integrity, but c’mon, man . . . you know the thing!

Are politicians this powerful even capable of getting spinal transplants?

There are only two Legislative mindsets we can imagine in their receiving this veto.

1) The busy, but honest, lawmakers are trusting their subject-matter experts on election law and following them out of a sense of duty to the tribe.

2) All of them are too busy and confident that, since they cracked the system enough to get elected, that no meaningful reforms are necessary.

(Yes, the third option is that they could override the veto, but that would only work if they could find a few Democrat lawmakers who are willing to break from the Governor’s iron fist and kiss their party goodby.)

At this point, the Democrats, who are playing a long-term game to undermine election integrity, are facing a Republican leadership that fears media criticism more than they fear their voters.

What Can Patriots Do?!

We never want to leave people hopeless with our criticism, and today is no exception.

If they know what’s best for the vitality of North Carolina, our Legislative leadership will show courage by launching an investigation into the impact Bell’s subversive leadership had on the 2020 elections.

Call it an audit, or call it a committee inquiry, or call it a horse, for all we care, but their best hope of securing their long-term stability is to secure ours.

In the end of that investigation, they will have actionable evidence that could and should drive their election reform.

After you finish begging your local lawmaker to exercise such courage and after you get sick of hearing excuses on why they claim they cannot take such decisive action, patriots are left with three options:

  1. Collect your own evidence joining the canvassing efforts of groups like NC Audit Force.
  2. Plug into the electoral process as either an employee or a well-trained election observer.
  3. Declare yourself as a candidate and primary those who reject your demands for the investigation of 2020.

According to the NCSBE website, candidate filing period for next year’s legislative elections will begin at noon, on Monday, December 6 and end at noon, on Friday, December 17.

Pray hard, ask your family, and then . . . if you still have peace with the idea, jump in!


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