Countdown to Evidence Destruction

Raleigh, NC–May 29–While we’re ecstatic  with NC SBoE Director Kim Strach’s decision to hire Chuck Stuber, a real criminal fraud investigator with some serious chops, we worry about his shoes. He needs to move fast! Forget Nike, this guy will need a something like a Nimbus 2000 to investigate all of the multi-state double voters before the evidence is destroyed. This all started when NC became the first state to. . . um. . . actually care about vote fraud, but none of it will matter is the evidence is gone and (unless we get some help) that will be the case very soon.


Nimbus 2000 (accessories sold separately)

In case you were living under a rock and missed the story, the NC State Board of Elections (NCSBoE) reported the results of their first-ever participation in the “Interstate Crosscheck” program, developed by Kansas SOS, Kris Kobach. NC found thousands of people who either committed vote fraud or were victims of ID theft by somebody else committing vote fraud; but the program only matched 28 states, so the findings were only the tip of an iceberg.

Meanwhile, our group released our own results of a 16-month-long research project into double voting between Florida and NC (that was dutifully suppressed by other media events of the day). We found 149 with strong evidence of double voting and released the results at a presser last week.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the press conference. . . .

Bomb Threat

Just minutes before our planned event, the two TV stations who had confirmed plans to cover our event were redirected to Broughton  High School for a bomb threat that just popped up on their scanners. It almost makes one wonder how low some people might go . . . . Naaah. Just a coincidence.

With no TV and a continued N&O blackout of our news, we went ahead and did the presser. Here are some clips from the event (click image to view video):

FLANC Presser

The urgency in this investigation stems from a law allowing most states to begin destroying the evidence in a few weeks. The prima facie evidence of voter fraud involves the document each voter signs on the day they show up to vote (either in person or by absentee ballot). If the Election Day signature matches the voter’s original registration signature, then there is enough evidence to convict the voter for double voting! If the signatures don’t match, it means someone stole the identity of the voter. Vote fraud still happened . . . but there will be no way of catching the perp who stole the voter’s ID.

The dirty secret is that, according to federal law, all of those pieces of evidence may be destroyed as early as this September (see p. 88 Line 13). We’ve covered this issue in previous posts, so I won’t belabor the point. While Kim Strach issued a do-not-destroy order for NC, other states haven’t exactly jumped on board to secure the evidence. It’s almost as if the bad guys are planning to raid the evidence locker or something.

After all, without the evidence, the public can go back to sleep and never understand how fraud friendly our nation’s election laws really are.

But it really comes down to antiquated document retention laws. In an era when the NSA is keeping records of every email I’ve ever sent, would it be too crazy for me to expect our state governments to retain critical evidence of election fraud?! Don’t they sell those scanner things to state governments?

Seriously. . .  North Carolina is showing the entire nation what one state can do when their leaders resolve to get to the bottom of this problem; but we could use a little help. If you have friends in another state, please forward this posting to them and ask that they contact their Legislators to ask about “record retention policy” for election records in that state.

We urgently need emergency do-not-destroy orders (see sample here) for things like the Absentee Ballot Request form, the Provisional Ballot Application and the Authorization to Vote (or whatever your state calls the piece of paper that voters sign when they show up to vote).

If the evidence gets destroyed, the fraud deniers will gloat and the election fraud machines will gear up for the November elections. PLEASE HURRY!!