County Team Activities

[Note: Many have asked us about our activities across the state at the local level. Rather than create an exhaustive list of every activity a VIP-inspired (or even VIP-trained) activist has taken on behalf of election integrity, we will leave it up to those county teams and leaders to tell their stories. We plan to use this page to post reports from the county team leaders as they submit them and let you know when such an update occurs.] 


Moore County

As has often been the case, the Moore County team has led the way in this endeavor! Dee Park and Carol Wheeldon have worked tirelessly to keep their local BOE on their toes. As a result, they have caused hundreds of dead voters to be removed from the rolls. As we’ve reported elsewhere on this website, they also have become the state’s leaders in the race to correct the voter rolls. Their work has caused the BOE to remove or update the records of hundreds of people who no longer live at the address from which they were registered.

To read more about their activities, go ahead and enter “Moore” on this website’s google search block. To see their history, please click this link: Moore County’s VIP History