Hounds unleashed against McCrory loyalists.

Oct 6, 2021

Today’s podcast covers an appeals court ruling yesterday that puts a green light on the harassment campaign launched by the Southern Coalition for Social Justice, a Durham-based Leftist group that’s targeting anybody they can smear for helping (then) Gov Pat McCrory claw back an election that had enough convenient “glitches” to convince many of us that his 2016 election was the inspiration for the similar scenario that played out in several battleground states four years later.

A quick rehash of 2016 helps set the context of this lawsuit, so we delved into it, pointing out that 94,000 uncounted ballots were”discovered” in Durham county that election night.

It all began around 11:45 PM, after the other 99 counties had finished published their results. Pat McCrory, Buck Newton, and Chuck Steuber all seemed to have won the three most powerful public offices in NC, Governor, Attorney General, and State Auditor. It was a miracle, since NC has never elected a Republican Attorney General since the Klan drove out the “carpetbaggers” and created the Jim Crow South.

But it wasn’t to be. Thanks to 26-minute “glitch” in a few electronic poll books earlier that day, Durham officials had convinced a judge’s to delay closing a few precincts. And that action gave them the pretext to be the last county reporting their results that night.

According to report from WFAE, Durham County officials released an official explanation for the entire day’s sequence of events and we will post it here as soon as we can obtain a copy.

In effect, all counting had stopped, except for in Durham, where the newly “found” ballots reversed North Carolina’s red-wave election with Democrats losing everything . . .  except for the three state offices with subpoena power.

Suddenly… McCrory Grows a Spine

For a brief moment, (then) Governor McCrory seemed to believe in election integrity. but no.

His legal team reached out to us for our best advice. Five thousand votes is a big number, but there was a perfectly legal way the sitting Governor could have identified more than enough illegal votes to mandate a new election.

Then , , , he flinched.

They didn’t want to win that badly! Instead they pulled some data out of a hat and threw it at his party loyalists, who were told to file challenges against the voters listed on their spreadsheets. By mistaking “data” for “evidence,” the legal team raised lots of money while effectively setting up the loyalists for the fall.

Meanwhile, SCSJ’s civil lawfare strategy was to harass both the grass-root McCrory loyalists and the McCrory donors who financed his legal efforts. The SCSJ’s argument hinged on the specious idea that filing an official challenge of another NC voter, under NCGS §163, Article 8 should be punished for “defaming” the voter who’s in question. We hope some grown ups step in to correct this lie.

Marxists Love to Make it Personal

Volunteers like Guilford County Republican, Clark Porter, were named in the legal action, but the courts released him from the suit yesterday . . .  maybe.

According to the Associated Press, the judges decided, that “William Clark Porter . . . is entitled to a legal defense that would likely clear him of defamation claims because he participated in a “quasi-judicial election protest proceeding.”

Clark sounded relieved when I caught up with him last night. Tthe SCSJ’s lead attack dog, Allison Riggs, was quoted, saying that “Mr. Porter was not the puppet master. He was the puppet, and obviously, he did make serious allegations against our clients, but this is a good ruling for us,” she said. “We believe that we now can proceed against the masterminds of this concerted effort to defame North Carolina voters.”

Translation: We can make a lot of money harassing McCrory’s donors.

But Leftists hate to lose and if the big-dollar donors manage to beat them, we suspect they’ll resort to tormenting patriotic citizens like Clark. Doing so would not only dissuade all future civil engagement, but it’s great for fundraising!

One ominous part of the AP story didn’t quote Riggs, but claims she said, “her organization is likely to focus on the law firm and legal defense fund, though it could choose to ask the Supreme Court to make Porter more susceptible to a defamation lawsuit.”

Translation: We’d rather go for deep pockets, but we’ll crush the little guy is that’s all we can do.

Takeaways from today’s video podcast:

  1. A few years before Anita Earls became a North Carolina Supreme Court Justice, Porter told us that she was heavily involved in the harassment he was suffering. We wonder if she will recuse herself from any future relevant litigation.
  2. The entire reason so many people jumped in to save McCrory’s effort was that 2016’s “Durham Dump” just . . . seemed like . . . somebody cheated. After all, those “found” votes flipped the three most powerful statewide elections in NC. What’s worse, 2016’s Durham Dump looks a lot like a beta test for 2020’s “Biden Bump.” If we don’t get these late-night surprises resolved before it’s too late, elections will lose their meaning . . . and that scares us. This is why our Legislature needs to initiate a full forensic audit of the 2020 elections. Granted, House and Senate leadership is happy with the results of 2020, but they are the only branch of our government responsible for elections oversight in both the NC and US Constitution. If they shirk this duty, we lose any outside oversight of the people they empowered to count our ballots and declare the winners.
  3. And finally, though we suspect she didn’t mean to agree with us, Allison Riggs accidentally affirmed our concerns about 2016 when she told reporters, “What we saw happen in the 2016 election was a precursor to the big lie that we saw in the 2020 . . . .” We couldn’t agree more!

No word yet on whether the McCrory team will appeal yesterday’s tragic ruling.