Democracy dies quietly in Virginia

On Killing *Effective* Voter ID Laws

Journal Entry—APR 5, 2013—With apologies to the late, Hunter S. Thompson, it’s time to write an obituary for free elections in Virginia, with the headline, “Democracy dies quietly in Virginia.” We fear that North Carolina is close behind our northern neighbor.

Last week Virginia’s, Republican Governor Bob McDonnell paved the way for a Democratic landslide in the Commonwealth and North Carolina’s Republican super majority seems poised to do the same. Governor Bob did this by allowing a poison pill favored by Progressives groups that will institutionalize Virginia vote fraud for as far as the eye can see. As a result, the Old Dominion will join the likes of California, Minnesota and Colorado: States that are dominated by one group that frequently “votes” itself tax hikes and government employee pay raises . . . with impunity.

Virginia’s unforced error happened because the majority party compromised on voter ID laws by allowing college ID cards to serve as valid voter ID. Unless changed, this provision will enable anybody to steal as many identities as necessary to win elections because there is no way to control the mass production of fake college ID cards in Virginia or elsewhere. North Carolina made a big deal about preventing the use of ID cards produced by the state’s numerous Mexican Consulates; but that will be for naught if they allow an ID card from more than 100 colleges and universities to meet the requirement for voter ID.

Now, the Voter Integrity Project is not in the business of offering problems without solutions, so I will close this report with a mitigation strategy; but for now, I ask you to endure a pretty depressing scenario on how the Virginia voter ID law will pave the way for massive election fraud.

First, a college ID card is easy to fake. Heck! Some of my old high school buddies will probably rat me out, so let me beat them too it: Back in the day, before I walked in the faith, I used my photographic talent to produce a few fake college ID cards for myself, my beer-drinking buddies and even for a few lovelies. The ID cards were pretty ghetto, since I used that cruddy clear plastic laminate that people normally used for their kitchen shelves; but now days, the laminates are so rigid that a piece of card stock and a minimal ability to operate Power Point (not even Photoshop!) software is all you need to make an authentic looking ID card.

Second, quality control of the ID cards will be expensive and futile. Let’s suppose a voter walks into the polling precinct in, say, the mountain community of Floyd, VA with a college ID card for Regent University (way over  in Virginia Beach). How would any of the precinct workers know if the student ID card was real or fake? With more than 150 colleges and universities listed in Virginia, will the Commonwealth be able to detect fraudulent ID cards? Suppose they publish and distribute a thick, full-color, glossy book that has a full-size color shot of ever college ID card that the law allows voters to use. Even if states could afford to produce such a book for every one of their precincts, how many precinct workers would take the time to confirm the look and feel of the ID card being presented by the voter?  Besides, if a criminal enterprise actually a scanned representations of real ID cards and changed the identity on each card, how would anybody catch it?

Third, thanks to Bill Clinton and a certain criminal enterprise (formally known as “ACORN”), we have the NVRA, a 1993 law that creates bloated voter rolls in all 50 states. The law forced election officials to err in the direction of leaving voters on the rolls who have died or moved out of state. As a result of this law, states have been so slow to remove names from the rolls that our group easily found close to 30,000 dead voters still registered to vote in North Carolina. The point is that these dead voters are the tip of an iceberg. We will soon release evidence that more than 100,000 registered NC voters are “inactive” and should be removed immediately from the rolls, but that same 1993 law may prevent such proactive maintenance without a big court fight. In any event, that’s a lot of people whose identities can be faked unless “real” voter ID laws are quickly added to the books.

Before you throw up your hands and call me a kook, you have to ask yourself one simple question: Why are the Progressives to afraid of real voter ID laws? They claim that it’s all about disenfranchising voters, but their evidence is laughable. They point to the bloated voter rolls as their “proof,” when the numbers are proven to be grossly inflated.

Others will say, “Jay, you’re a paranoid fool! Nobody would be stupid enough to steal a vote. It’s against the law!” Back in 1982 (when our federal government actually cared about election fraud) a famous Chicago Grand Jury investigation found that around 100,000 votes were stolen in one election. Their M-O was identity theft of either inactive voters (who had left the state, but were still on the voter rolls), of registered voters (who told party hacks they were not coming to the polls that day), or of dead people. Since election law prevents photography in the voting enclosure, there was no way to detect such a criminal enterprise. It only came unraveled when one conspirator actually complained to the FBI that she didn’t get her promised government job after she had worked so hard to steal votes! While this massive voter fraud was a lucky find for the FBI, their hyper focus on this case resulted in 63 people being convicted.

Like so many other states in our nation, Illinois election laws are rigged to make it impossible to detect people stealing the identity of dead or inactive voters. Not surprisingly, our Federal government (with leadership trained in Chicago) is even making plans to take the Social Security Death Index off the public record list. That way, nobody can use the SSDI to confirm that a dead voter really is dead. We hope our Congress will reconsider this horrible idea, because this is the only way we were able to obtain nearly 100 percent certainty about quite a few dead voters we found in NC who actually voted after death . . . that will be releasing in the near future. The bottom line is that election fraud is against the law, but it never happens if nobody is getting prosecuted.

Of course, “real” voter ID would shut down most of that entire enterprise . . . which is why (we believe) Progressives have viciously and vocally opposed any real voter ID laws across the nation. This issue has nothing to do with race, but some throw that topic out there as a means of shutting down any opposition. . . but I digress. Our organization believes that race-bating fraud deniers are motivated by one thing: power.

Election laws are written by the winners and, when it comes to voter fraud, election laws have been intended more for PRO-tection than for DE-tection. The dirty secret is that North Carolina’s laws were carefully crafted with that same spirit and it has kept one party in control of this state for 140 years.

Sadly, here is some stunning evidence to suggest that both Virginia and South Carolina election laws were designed to protect fraudulent voting too. First Gov. Bob McDonnell and now the NC Legislature is moving toward killing the effectiveness of any voter ID law by making loopholes big enough to allow massive, systematic election fraud along the lines of California or Illinois right here in the Tar Heel State.

Now, I promised solutions to this problem and we have several to offer.

The first solution is to require only DMV or (in Virginia) VDOT-issued ID cards for voters. This is costly, but not nearly as expensive as fraud deniers claim; because their numbers are grossly inflated. A peer-reviewed study by researchers at American University found that that 98.6% of American voters have driver’s licenses; so claims by Progressive propaganda groups like the Brennan Center have deceitfully overinflated the numbers and then they deliberately agitate along racial lines as a means of preventing real voter ID laws. This win-at-any-cost tactic may tell more about their true intentions than they realize.

While DMV (or VDOT) ID cards are our favorite solution, even that doesn’t guarantee the security of the ballot box. According to a group called the Center for Democracy and Technology, in 2003, some Halifax County NC-DMV workers were prosecuted for creating illegal licenses for money out of their DMV satellite office. That same year, a DMV office in Hillsboro, NC was burgled and the license-making equipment was rumored to have been stolen.  While NC officials did not confirm the loss of the equipment, they did create a new license template and moved production and distribution of all driver licenses and state ID cards to a central facility. Today in North Carolina, when people pass their driving exam, they get a temporary (non-photo) license and receive the real license a few weeks later, mailed from the Raleigh facility. This cooling-off period also allows the DMV to do things like confirming the authenticity of the applicant and making sure it isn’t a recycled Social Security number or other stolen identity. So that’s probably the best solution unless the DMV has no accountability . . . as in California . . . but we won’t go there today.

If the burden is too hard for the miniscule number of voters who somehow survive without a valid ID card, then the state should help these few people get free birth certificates and DMV-issued ID cards. As to voting, they should still be able to vote provisionally and (this is key) they should leave some sort of biometric identity with the provisionally ballot. Mexico requires a thumb print, but Disney Resorts only require a photograph (and facial recognition software). The key is to put people on notice that if they try to steal votes, they stand a pretty good chance of getting caught.

The biggest problem with college ID cards is similar to the theft and fraud that NC DMV had to endure . . .  only colleges put that problem on steroids. While there are thousands of colleges and universities across this nation, it would only take one or two people, doing a little moonlighting at the college ID office, to produce thousands of fake ID cards. If DMV employees have already been caught doing such criminal behavior, why wouldn’t others be doing it too? Besides,  producing fake college ID cards probably isn’t even against the law in most states!

While this all sounds preposterous to most people, our group has learned the hard way about the alien values of too many Progressive activists: Lying and stealing are simply a means to their “noble” ends. Some even talk “the Golden Rule,” only to later reveal it was only a ruse to get what they wanted. Gary Casselman and Tim Daughtry write about how these are the adult version of the schoolyard bullies: Instead of using physical power to take things from others, they start with more subtle methods and use brute force only as a last resort. Most chillingly . . . there is a deep-seated reason that they are fighting voter ID with everything they’ve got. Their “disenfranchisement” excuse is just another lie and they know it. We know it. Everybody with half a brain knows it! The problem is that, when it comes to dealing with Progressives, compromise is capitulation. States must tightly and quickly control the production of voter ID cards or else American individualism (and freedom itself) is finished.

For next time:

Okay, some might ask, suppose you finally get your perfect, DMV-issued voter ID card. Then what? Your solution would only stop the wolves at the gate, so what do we do about the ones already in the pasture?”


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