Democrat Judges Kill NC Voter ID Again

Dec 19, 2022 (Sanford, NC) While you were preparing for Christmas last week, North Carolina’s lame duck Democrat-majority state Supreme Court was blowing up the state’s Constitution one last time.

Among their lame duck rulings was one that killed the state’s second legitimately enacted and woefully weak voter ID law, by claiming the Legislature had “racial discrimination” as a “motivating factor.”

If your blood isn’t already boiling over this bogus excuse to kill voter ID again, then consider the Jenga Block to the Left’s incredibly racist argument, which assumes, black people are too stupid to get a voter ID.

How did NC’s state Supreme Court conclude this to be true? Well… because the Left’s brought an “expert witnesses” who gave the Court the juice to claim “African American voters are more likely than white voters to lack a form of qualifying ID” (see p.55 of this ruling).

Another factor involved an additional Leftist “expert witness” who opined that since the bill (SB 824) was passed during the “unprecedented lame duck regular session” (see p. 80), the law was somehow worthy of being wiped away through lawfare.

Of course, that argument ignored one inconvenient question:

If it was wrong for a lame-duck Republican Legislature to pass the bill, how is it right for a lame-duck Democrat Supreme Court’ to kill it?

Solutions Anyone

The irony of NC’s now dead, voter ID law is that it was laughably weaker then either of the two laws already APPROVED BY SCOTUS. Nonetheless, a lame duck Democrat court negated the law and suggested the Legislature come up with something even more fraud-friendly.

“Other, less restrictive voter ID laws would have sufficed to achieve the legitimate nonracial purposes of implementing the constitutional amendment requiring voter ID, deterring fraud, or enhancing voter confidence” (see p. 101).

Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens

We advise now as we did in 2018, the simplest solution to this Gordian knot is to pass an exact copy of either voter ID law that was affirmed by the US Supreme Court in 2008 by a 6-3 super majority.

Key to the case back then was the plaintiffs’ inability to produce even one victim who was unable to vote because of the two states’ voter ID law. That problem still haunts Plaintiffs today.

Unlike NC’s idiotic “reasonable impediment” loophole” our (then) GOP super-majority enacted, Indiana’s SCOTUS-approved law said, “A voter who has photo identification but is unable to present that identification on election day may file a provisional ballot that will be counted if she brings her photo identification to the circuit court clerk’s office within 10 days.”

North Carolina’s solution to the voter who was unable to present an ID was for the voter to sign a piece of paper swearing that they were unable to present an ID. If you think that’s an over simplification, we posted the receipts, proving that unenforceable “reasonable impediment declaration” back when it first reared its ugly head (see it here).

But back to the positive way ahead, the entire Georgia and Indiana SCOTUS case history can be found here, but the bottom line, written by Democrat-appointed Justice Stevens, is that Indiana and Georgia both enacted laws that were acceptable to the court.

“There is no question about the legitimacy or importance of a State’s interest in counting only eligible voters’ votes. Finally, Indiana’s interest in protecting public confidence in elections, while closely related to its interest in preventing voter fraud, has independent significance, because such confidence encourages citizen participation in the democratic process.” – Justice John Paul Stevens

Why can’t our lawmakers do likewise?