Desperate Dan McCready Reemerges

July 23, 2020 (Fayetteville, NC) Playing the race card to divert public attention from last weeks’ stunning news of his frequent text messaging with NC State Board of Elections (SBE) vice-chairman Josh Malcolm, failed 2018 Congressional candidate, Dan McCready published an opinion piece for the Fayetteville Observer that included numerous unconfirmed smears that have already been walked back by (former) NCSBE Executive Director, Kim Strach.

I thought I’d narrowly lost the election, but in an incredible turn of events, it turned out that my opponent’s campaign had committed massive election fraud. Such fraud was extremely rare in America; this was the largest case in modern American history. They targeted people of color, went to their doorsteps, and stole and manipulated their absentee ballots. This took place in rural Bladen County, just south of Fayetteville. (Dan McCready, Loser of NC Congressional District 9 elections in 2018 and 2019)

McCready’s repeated smears reek of desperation since the only evidence that actually has “turned out” from the “investigation” is pointing back at himself. Consider these factors:

Twice-failed NC-9 Congressional Candidate, Dan McCready.

  1. The Special Prosecutor for this case, Wake County DA Lorrin Freeman, had been willing and able to prosecute Mark Harris with fraud related to his campaign but instead announced on July 15 that she will not be filing charges against him.
  2. The legal fight between WBTV’s Nick Ochsner and UNC-Pembroke over Malcolm’s cell phone records and email communication may continue to yield facts that will reveal who targeted McCrae Dowless, the Bladen County Soil and Water District Commissioner and campaign operative being charged with the types of crime McCready alleged. Records already obtained by Ochsner revealed Malcolm’s frequent communication with shady Bladen County political operator, Jens Lutz. These messages came around the time that somebody illegally “leaked” 159 absentee ballot signature records and Lutz abruptly resigned.
  3. The rules of February 2019’s evidentiary hearings into the allegations never gave Dowless his right to cross-examine the witnesses or to summon his own witnesses. This is a critical point because his witnesses may have exposed who was truly behind the widespread ballot harvesting operations in Bladen, Robeson, and Mecklenburg Counties during that election cycle. It may also reveal details of how the Bladen County Improvement Association was illegally “tipped off” about the investigation before the 2018 primary election.
  4. Prior to her firing, NCSBE Executive Director, Kim Strach slipped and told a March 2019 forum audience at Davidson College, “[her investigation] did not find ballots that were harvested,” and there were only “one or two cases” where harvested ballots “potentially” were collected and then not turned in.
  5. Freeman’s constant delays in prosecution suggest either that she finally realizes the NCSBE never had any evidence of an underlying crime or that she is afraid of what may come out in open court if Dowless actually did get to exercise his constitutional rights in court.

Between evidence of McCready’s possible collusion with Malcolm, evidence of Malcolm’s possible collusion with Lutz, and evidence of Lutz’s possible criminal conduct, we think a lot of people should be getting nervous.