Did your absentee vote count?

Nov 6, 2020 (Raleigh) As a public service to voters who are worried about their vote being counted, we have good news and bad news.

First, the good news…

If you voted either by mail or during early voting, state law considers your vote to be an “absentee” ballot and that’s a good thing, because all absentee ballots cast must be reported shortly after you vote.

That requirement has made it easy for us to develop a look-up tool that will report the status of your absentee vote. You can access the search tool either by clicking this link or by clicking the image below:

Now… the bad news

Because of a few state laws and the overall hassle of canvassing all of the votes cast in each county, the SBE goes dark for a few weeks before they start updating the voter records later this year.

However, state law requires all absentee votes be updated and reported on a daily basis. We’ve been collecting that data and have found a way to share it with you!

So, if you voted absentee, either in-person or by-mail, this site lets you search their overnight file to see if your voted was received by election officials.

What you’ll see…

The first screen will look a lot like the fancy image you see below. The quickest way to find your record is to enter your county, your first name, and your last name. The “city” block can create problems and we might remove it soon. So, unless you have a very common name, we recommend leaving it blank.

As you see in the image below, you might get some confusing information. That’s especially true if you voted absentee by-mail. My case was fairly simple in that I ordered an absentee ballot and decided to vote “absentee one-stop” during early voting. As soon as I cast my in-person vote, the SBE’s computer system “spoiled” the absentee ballot that was sitting on our kitchen table.

Sometimes, voters order an absentee ballot, mess it up, and they receive another one. When that happens, they could wind up with several rows of data ending with the rude assessment, “spoiled.” Don’t take it personal. It’s not you. It’s the ballot.


If you cannot locate your name in this database but you’re sure you voted, don’t panic… yet.

Our database only shows absentee votes and not Election Day votes; so if you voted on Nov 3, 2020, this tool will never show your vote.

(You can eventually find that information on the NCSBE’s Voter Search website. which won’t include the latest voter histories for a few more weeks.)

Also, our underlying data comes directly from the NCSBE’s big data site and we don’t adjust it in any way. We just stored it on our server and created a search tool for you.

Finally, we’re not responsible for inaccuracies in the underlying data file. So don’t blame us if something doesn’t look accurate. Your gripe is with the NCSBE!

~ jd