Disastrous Committee Substitute on Poll Observers (Corrected Link)

[Updated Aug 21, 2023]

Aug 1, 2023 — There’s much to say about H772-CSBK-35 v8, the “Proposed Committee Substitute (PCS), but we just want to report that its presence. There are lots of problems with it, but for now… here we go!

Sources tell me the leaked PCS was a product of Representative Pricey Harrison, a Guilford Democrat who sits on the election oversight committee.

There was a great deal wrong with Harrison’s version of reality, as it’s based on the Leftist narrative that says anything making elections more secure is “racist.” We categorically reject such a notion, because the underlying presumption is that minorities are somehow less capable of obeying election laws than anybody else.

That said, we actually agreed with Rep Harrison, before 2020, when she carried forth the Democrat position that some voting machines were bad.

Which machines, in particular, were ES&S voting machines featuring the Smartmatic ballot-marking technology and the infamous “bar-code ballot.”

being foist upon some counties