DOJ Case Against Dowless Continues to Unravel

Mar 31, 2021 (Raleigh) VIP has learned of a quiet March 11 court filing in which Tamika Moses, the Department of Justice Special Prosecutor for Social Security crimes, resigned from government service and handed off her prosecution of McCrae Dowless to some poor little Assistant US Attorney who’s about to add an embarrassing loss to their resume.

Here’s why this matters…

Any movie buffs may remember the Nicholas Cage popcorn flick, National Treasure, in which somebody steals the original Declaration of Independence. There was a key line where the FBI agent told Cage, “somebody has to go to jail.”

Bladen County political activist McCrae Dowless, was supposed to play the role of that “somebody” over the 2018 election’s “ballot harvesting” scandal that resulted in the elected Republican winner, Mark Harris, resigning his seat before he was sworn in.

Eventually, the Special Prosecutor of the NC case, Wake DA Lorrin Freeman, gave Harris a clean bill of health, meaning she had dropped her investigation of Harris.

Dowless is still her office’s targeted fall guy, but the trial date keeps moving and the federal prosecutors gave up on trying to stick him with any federal voter fraudĀ  charges.

Instead, as we reported here, a very unprofessional Special Prosecutor from Washington, Tamika Moses, indicted Dowless for 20 years worth of sentencing over crimes related to Social Security fraud.

We openly criticized Moses and reported it to her boss, the former Eastern District US Attorney, Bobby Higdon, because she indicted Dowless without ever bothering to serve him with the indictment paperwork, which is kind of a big deal.

Unless a suspect is formally served (or arrested), an indictment is supposed to remain “sealed,” but in Dowless’ case, she issued a press release and never bothered serving him.

VIP’s Jay DeLancy ambushed Moses outside the courthouse at Dowless’ May 14, 2020 hearing to ask if it was standard practice to indict a suspect via press release. Clearly flustered, she stammered that we needed to contact the agency’s Public Information Officer. We did her one better by asking her boss.

On Jan 29, 2021, she ducked her second hearing (which we reported here) by sending a substitute attorney who was told that Dowless was rejecting any plea deals and demanding a jury trial.

The trial date was eventually set for March 22, so Moses announced her resignation date would be on March 19.

Maybe she finally figured out what we’ve known for two years: Dowless and Mark Harris are the only two innocent people in this entire saga.

The indictment was based on $135,000 that campaign records show as being passed through Dowless’ hands during that election. To beat these charges, Dowless just has to prove how the money was used for mileage and other expenses.


Eventually, McCrae Dowless will get to tell his side of the story under oath and he will be acquitted of all charges in both the state and federal prosecutions.

Some unnamed federal prosecutor will chalk up a loss, but it won’t hurt their career, since the blame for filing the indictment goes to Moses.

Speaking of Moses, the Deep State always looks after their loyal minions, so she will land a great job at some public university or think tank.

DA Lorrin Freeman will not be so lucky. She will lose badly against Dowless and she’ll forever be branded as the Marcia Clark in this case.

Only, unlike in the OJ Simpson trial, this prosecutor really did go after an innocent man and the true culprits got away.

Or did they…?