Lawmaker Threatens NC Freedom Caucus

Oct 14, 2021

Durham Selection Triggers Hissy Fit

Theatrics were in high gear after the October 7 drawing that pointed a spotlight at Durham County’s elections office, when State Representative Zach Hawkins, took a moment of personal privilege to threaten harm to anybody from the Freedom Caucus if they dared to exercise their electoral oversight authority in Durham.

“You are not welcome in Durham County, and if you try, it may not work out for you very well.”

– Durham area State Representative, Zach Forde Hawkins

Rep Zach “Hissy Fit” Hawkins


(You can hear Hawkins’ full rant at the 28:40 to 29:57 marks official NC House recording.)

The lawmaker’s hissy fit earned praise from Choice FM’s Mark-Anthony Middleton, who interviewed State Rep Hawkins and State Senator Natalie Murdock (which can be viewed by scrolling down to Oct 9 on this FB page.)

Middleton lauded Hawkins for going “full Durham” on Rep McNeely for threatening the use of Capital Police to seize the voting machines, unless they were turned over cooperatively.

Rep McNeely responded to Hawkins’ hissy fit two days later, during a radio interview between himself and Rep Bobby Hanig. (You can view it by scrolling down his FB page to Oct 11, beginning 25 minutes into the program.

Reviewing Durham’s “Accidents”

The credibility of Durham County’s elections office was strained by two major events in 2016, so Hawkins’ aggressively defensive remarks does not help their efforts to rebuild their tarnished reputation.

Jeff McNeely’s Magic Hat?

During the 2016 primaries, a Durham county election official was indicted after others reported his feeding ballots through the tabulation machines more than once. According to news accounts, “Investigators determined that Rawling ran or ordered subordinates to run provisional ballots through tabulators more than once and made manual changes to the ballot count so the results of the provisional canvass would match the number of approved provisional ballots.”

Though election officials said he “mishandled” 1,900 provisional ballots, he was convicted for “failure to discharge the duties of his office,” and given a suspended sentence. Let’s do the math! One corrupt poll worker + 1,900 ballots = no active jail sentence! Welcome to Durham!

Later that same year, a “glitch” in Durham County’s electronic poll books gave them the excuse to get a friendly judge to let them keep their polls open longer than anybody else in the state. Then, after all of the ballots were counted and the “Red Wave” election of 2016 seemed inevitable, Durham happened!

Election officials “discovered” 94,000 ballots that had somehow not been counted earlier and low! The Durham Dump caused the three statewide offices with full subpoena powers were all flipped back from Republican to Democrat!

The Governor and State Auditor were both headed for the Republican candidates, as was the Attorney General’s. But once again, for the 120th year in a row, the voters in North Carolina had avoided letting a Republican win the Attorney General race.

Durham’s Communist Connections

Durham’s past started drawing more suspicion after a 2019 report, by an independent journalist named Trevor Loudon, identified the city as ground zero for an attempt by Chinese Communists to gain control of North Carolina’s political system.

In a devastating essay called, “How and Why Pro-China Communists Took Over Durham, North Carolina–Hugh Implications for 2020,” Loudon named names and drew connections to several Durham-based organizations with leadership that traced back to known communist organizations.

The reason he said Durham was the CCP’s initial beach head tied back the city’s heavy concentration of African-American citizens. By exploiting racial differences, the largely white activists manipulated blacks into joining their cause.

Now the heart and soul of the “Black Wall Street” city is in a fight for its life. Last week’s primaries pitted traditional-value black candidates against the neo-Marxists being supported by leftist groups like the Durham People’s Alliance, Durham for All, and the Durham Association of Educators.

Pay attention to Durham. Things are starting to get interesting.

(Today’s video podcast is linked below.)