Elaine Marshall (Sec of State) is Working to Stop Voter Photo ID

Below is a message that appears on Elaine Marshall’s campaign website asking visitors to sign a petition against voter photo ID.  She is reciting the mantra of the left, saying that the law is a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist….

Ms. Marshall sounds like she knows something that no one else knows when she writes, “Right now, the legislature plans to override  Perdue’s veto on a Voter I.D. law passed last year.”  By all indications, the NC House is steering away from controversy in this session.  The funny thing is that voter photo ID legislation is the least controversial issue around.  Time and again, state and national polls have shown that a overwhelming majority of people (75 – 85 percent of voters) believe that voter photo ID is needed and that it just makes common-sense.  The support is strong with approval across every demographic, including party, race, gender and age –  because it just makes sense.

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