Election Machines Left Unattended All Night

Oct 25, 2016 (Granville County, NC) — From the News & Observer’s “we hope you wouldn’t notice” department, this blockbuster story from Saturday morning finally found it’s way to print on page A4 of the Tuesday paper:

When a voter mistakenly went to an early voting site in Wilton on Saturday, the doors were unlocked and voting booths, ballots and equipment were sitting out – with no election workers in sight.

The early voting site at Tar River Elementary School in the southern Granville County crossroads community wasn’t open Saturday. But poll workers forgot to lock the building when the site closed on Friday.

Normally, an Early Voting location gets a super security makeover that involves re-keying the locks and issuing one (and only one) key to the site supervisor, whose job, among other things, is to lock the door at the end of the day. . . but the employee forgot to handle that small detail.


The sleek, new Tar River Elementary School is located in the southern portion of Granville County. This area, the fastest growing part of the county, has been overrun with tax refugees from Durham and Wake Counties.

The print edition didn’t mention it, but the on-line edition (click here to see the paywall story) must have been updated to report that the offending employee was “replaced.”

I hope, by “replaced,” he or she is now a “former” employee, but there is something far more important that termination with extreme prejudice at play in my fertile imagination. Those machines need to be taken to Raleigh’s State BOE headquarters and carefully analyzed for tampering.

Ah, but don’t worry. You can now go back to sleep, because the “news” article also said this:

Elections director Tonya Burnette said election officials and representatives from both political parties met at the site Sunday to double-check completed ballots and make sure no one had tampered with equipment or ballots. They found no evidence of any problems.

Wait, isn’t Tonya Burnette the same Granville County employee responsible for hiring and training the Site Supervisors for their Early Voting locations?!

Somebody wake me from this nightmare!

Can we please get some leadership out of the State Board of Elections?

Public confidence in our electoral process doesn’t do well with incompetence like this.

– jd