Emergency Powers — Hearing Details

(Apologies for the profanity.)

May 20, 20120 (Raleigh) — Tomorrow at 9 A.A., it’s zero hour for the usually quiet little “rules commission,” as they stand on the front lines of a battle being waged by NC’s State Board of Elections (NCSBE), in their (now exposed) guerilla warfare efforts to subvert Legislative authority over the state’s election laws.

You can listen to the firefight in the 9:00 AM hearing by calling this number:: (877) 411-9748, with the Access Code 4707388.


At issue is a “temporary” change the NCSBE proposed. (Click here to see their original proposal and more). The Agency was slapped around a bit by the Rules Commission Counsel, Amanda Reeder, over such highly subjective language as, “impossible, extremely hazardous, significant risk,” and “reasonable person.”

Recognizing that such terms are problematic and would wind up in costly litigation, Ms. Reeder suggested they revise and resubmit the proposal. The good news is that they followed her advice with this version.

The bad news is that the NCSBE still included the most troublesome words that would keep a bevy of barristers gainfully employed for years . . . all at taxpayer expense.

According to Ms. Reeder, the proposed rules change garnered around 25,000 public comments and this was an order of magnitude more comments that any amount she had seen in her 10-year career at the Rules Commission.

Much to the credit of NC’s State Board of Election Director, Karen Brinson Bell, she has awakened the sleeping giant with this unconstitutional power grab.

For that, we thank you, Ms. Bell!

But more importantly, thank you, Patriots!

~ jd