NAACP Race Baiting of VIP Leads to Threats

11-1-2016 RALEIGH — Desperate to agitate his fund-raising base, the “Reverend” William Barbour played the race card, Monday, in an ugly way by suing the state BOE and selected county election boards, while indirectly attacking the race-blind research techniques of election integrity watchdogs in North Carolina.


He’s baaaaaak!

We will not take these false accusations lying down. Our supporters work for the integrity of US elections by exposing vulnerabilities and recommending corrective action. We question the motives of the NAACP and other groups who respond to our research by calling us names and entangling us in legal maneuvering.

All of our studies have been both color-blind and party-blind from the persons conducting the research. We have aggressively pursued prosecutions of vote fraud perpetrators, regardless of party affiliation. We have successfully gained two felony convictions of one fraudulent voter who was registered Unaffiliated in one state and Republican in another, but voted in three states for the same election. **

In another prosecution we instigated, a Republican was arrested for voting in both North Carolina and Florida in the November 2012 election.  It appears that he dodged conviction by blaming his wife for inadvertently mailing the absentee ballot that he had signed, sealed and stamped.

If we ever catch even a hint of somebody injecting their personal bias into our crowd-sourced research, we disassociate ourselves from that individual immediately.

Election theft is a crime against our constitution, the fabric of our freedoms. Vote fraud disenfranchises everybody,  because it destroys public trust in our entire system. When election officials, academic types and media minions deny its existence and attack those who dare to differ, they are aiding and abetting its perpetrators. we deserve better.

** Don’t worry. Under NC law, even this felon, though convicted of vote fraud, will have his voting rights restored after serving two years of probation.) While we do not oppose the restoration of felony voting rights, we DO believe that vote fraud should be an exception that permanently bars one from voting.

UPDATE (Wednesday morning)

From what we can tell in our email and website messages, Rachel Maddow appears to have run with this narrative to attack VIP. It has resulted in a plethora of hate mail and even this gem:


– jd