Et Tu Paulus?

(Raleigh, NC)— MAY 12, 2014—Any war veteran from Iraq, Afghanistan or even Vietnam will tell you the only thing worse than enemy fire is so-called “friendly fire” or getting shot in the back by you own side; and that’s exactly what Senator Rand Paul did last Friday to the nationwide election integrity reform movement.

Paul’s colossal blunder, Friday, involved his comments on voter-ID law, giving credence to Progressive claims that voter ID “alienates and insults African-Americans and hurts the party.” He ignored the mounting evidence of interstate “double voting” and widespread voter-identity theft concerns in his attempt to curry favor from people who will never support him: The NAACP, Eric Holder and the vote fraud deniers who grow shriller every time another election fraud case is uncovered.

By wide margins, even low-information voters agree that requiring valid ID for “the sacred” constitutional right of voting is no more or less intrusive than showing valid ID for other constitutional rights like visiting a Congressman or buying a gun. Oh, and lest we forget, the Supreme Court even affirmed voter ID.

Realizing the gargantuan challenge the criminal element faces, billionaire and convicted money launderer, George Soros pledged a cool million dollars to the NAACP “Legal Defense and Education” Fund in March of 2013, empowering them to commit legal harassment against groups like ours, to file frivolous lawsuits against a few courageous politicians and to make enough noise that the propaganda storm would scare unprincipled politicians away from voter ID. . . and it worked!

Senator Rand Paul’s capitulation to the Soros propaganda machine effectively ends his Presidential aspirations. People working in the movement simply don’t need politicians who go wobbly over open and honest elections.

We saw how Progressives counteracted election integrity in Colorado, when their new majority quickly reversed voter ID laws and now is trying to eliminate all ballot box security by enacting 100 percent postal voting. Not to be outdone in Minnesota, activists can now hang out at the polls and “vouch” for the residency of voters with no further proof required.

The stakes are high and a growing nationwide movement realizes that election integrity is the last defense for the US Constitution. Any politicians who disregard this reality are irrelevant and dangerously out of touch. Sadly, Rand Paul joined that clueless clique with his new appeasement strategy on voter ID laws.