Extensive Report on VIP Research into FL and NC Vote Fraud Released Today

(Raleigh, NC)— MAY 21, 2014—Double voting among Florida and North Carolina (or FLANC) voters appears to be a crime committed equally by both political parties, according to a technical report produced by Voter Integrity Project and released today to Legislators and election officials.

“This report is a brief but dense description of the research led by our Research Director and a team of 22 volunteer researchers spread throughout the state,” said Jay DeLancy, Executive Director of VIP. “It took 16 months and three iterations to achieve the level of quality we needed and the results were outstanding.”

Of the 149 double votes the group reported last month to election officials, there were 38 Republicans, 34 Democrats, 27 Unaffiliated and one Libertarian. Several of whom had voted in multiple elections.

“We need to remind everyone: this research points to vote fraud,” said DeLancy, “but cannot determine who actually cast the second vote. Some will be the same person voting twice, but others will involve identity theft, which is easily committed against voters who moved away without notifying their Election Boards.”

The VIP Technical Report explains the group’s research methodology to invite others to replicate the work with their own state’s voter rolls; which is important, since 22 states are not in the Interstate Crosscheck program.

“As a Six-Sigma Black Belt, one of my key roles involves the work’s validity and consistency,” said John Pizzo, Director of Research for VIP. “Our multi-step approach included proprietary data-mining techniques, but government entities should easily achieve similar results with their access to personally identifying information.”

The VIP research began with analysis of approximately 17 million voters (6.7 million in NC, matched against 11 million in FL) to learn how many were involved in vote fraud—either as a victim or a perpetrator.

“To avoid false positives, we eliminated cases that probably could have been confirmed with access to government data,” said Pizzo, “but our group–a private organization–still found 149 cases of double voting. The state could find a lot more just by using a voter’s Social Security Number.”

According to the report’s county-by-county breakdown, 53 counties had at least one case of double voting, but Mecklenburg led the entire state with 25. Wake had 15 double voters. Cumberland, Buncombe, Iredell, Guilford and Rowan each had five or more.

Hard copies of the technical report are available through the VIP website. The group is also offering an electronic version through an agreement with Amazon Direct Publishing (pls click here to visit Kindle page). Complementary electronic copies available upon request from select media and NC lawmakers.