First Arrested FLANC Double Voter ID’d…as a Republican!

(Carthage, NC) Apr 2, 2015— The Voter Integrity Project confirmed today that Steve Curtis Thompson II, of Pinehurst, NC was the first arrest the state has made against a person the group identified to election officials after completing their research into possible double voting between Florida and North Carolina–a project they called, “FLANC.”

“It took a group of dedicated citizens more than two years to get District Attorneys interested in prosecuting vote fraud,” said Jay DeLancy, the Director of VIP, “so we deeply appreciate DA [Maureen] Krueger, and hope that her courage will spur others to start fighting this crime against the voting public.”

Thompson’s indictment reads, “. . . with the intent to commit fraud,  [he did] vote at more than one precinct in the November 6, 2012 General Election.” According to a website called “Been Verified,” he was an American Airlines pilot two years ago, when VIP reported him to authorities. A person with a matching name also served as an usher at a prominent Raleigh wedding between Kimberly Davison Daniels and John Hartman Taws, both of Southern Pines.

The group first reported the FLANC double voters to both states’ election offices in April 2013 and later earned national media attention when, then, Chief Counsel to the NC State Board of Elections, Don Wright, confirmed that VIP’s work had resulted in five criminal referrals.

“We were pretty excited over that turn of events,” said DeLancy, “until it became obvious that none of them were being prosecuted. That was the beginning of our education on how certain groups get away with denying vote fraud: If it’s not prosecuted, the crime didn’t happen.”

The group’s original FLANC research yielded a list of 31 voters they suspected of voting in both states, but they realized their resources limited any further investigation, so they turned the evidence over to Florida and NC officials in hopes they would keep each other honest.

“The accountability ploy earned us the referrals, but then Florida went silent and NC open-records laws prevented our learning exactly which five cases were referred,” he said. “Out of sheer desperation, we showed the problem to our attorney representing us against the NAACP’s legal bullying against us and he had a great solution.”

The group then reached an agreement with the State BOE, one year after the referrals were made, that resulted in their finally knowing which District Attorneys were ignoring the cases and which were not.

“DA Krueger was always positive with us and Rutherford County DA, Ted Bell has also stepped up in a big way, investigating our so-called ‘Perp #5,’” DeLancy said. “In fact, we’ve been wondering, which of those two would pop first.”Perp#5

The other three cases were not as successful. The Wayne County DA investigated a FLANC voter who had a 12-year history of voting twice in Presidential elections, but he is in his nineties and neither the DA nor VIP wanted him prosecuted.

“I just wanted him to stop voting twice,” DeLancy said, “and his children assured the DA that his criminal voting days are over.”

The other two DAs were less supportive. One has been difficult to reach and another did take a meeting with VIP and several local leaders, but then openly dismissed, citing a lack of resources.

“We fully understand that District Attorneys have to pick and choose which cases they bring to prosecution,” said DeLancy, “but we’re convinced the public is fired up about this particular type of crime and are sick of the people who run around denying that vote fraud ever happens in NC.”

After the first five criminal referrals, VIP honed their research skills and later presented 147 more voters to both states and John Pizzo, VIP’s Director of Research even published a Kindle version of how they conducted the research.20150402_131256

Now, DeLancy has reason to believe their other 144 suspected FLANC voters will soon yield prosecutions.

“We’ve been told that another FLANC voter in Moore County is about to be arrested,” he said, “but she is living in Florida and is working cooperatively with NC law enforcement to waive extradition and turn herself in.”