Fix-836 (How to repair NC’s fraud-friendly election laws)

Cave-inThe purpose of this page is to empower those who want to prevent electoral abuses made possible by House Bill (HB) 836. The bill, now state law, opened new doors to enterprise-level vote fraud in three major ways:

1.This law will allow anybody to avoid showing a photo ID simply by claiming a “reasonable impediment” to obtaining one.

2. This law will enable tens of thousands of illegal immigrants to vote in 2016, by using expired licenses.

3. This law promotes absentee ballots during early voting for anybody refusing to show their photo ID.

Bottom Line: There is no arguing the fact that this law negated all photo ID requirements enacted by the 2013 NC Legislature.

Below are VIP’s supporting links (click the images or the blue text segments for details).

Critique snap

Click image to see the complete law along with VIP’s analysis of the most dangerous loopholes designed into the hastily created legislation.

If you’re willing to discuss this regressive bill with the politicians who enacted it, please print and carefully review the actual bill with VIP commentary [Click the image, on right,  to see VIP’s annotated 836 Critique].

Out of either ignorance or deceit, two key politicians misrepresented several important details of this law, fooling 67 republican representatives and 31 republican senators into voting for a bill.

While VIP, the entire Democratic caucus and most major meida outlets quickly realized our state lawmakers had gutted voter ID with the passage of the rushed legislation, the republican politicians defended their mistake, telling constituents that it actually “strengthens” voter ID. Meanwhile, organizations like Raleigh’s News and Observer were celebrating.


Arm Yourself With the Facts. . .

So, the strategy of both the House and Senate leadership is to run around lying to their constituents, bragging how they “got voter ID for North Carolina,” while the Democrats are snickering behind their backs about like Putin laughs at Obama. When both houses supported the bill by a combined count of 150 to 4, that might be a clue that the fix is in and our state’s short era election law reform has reached its high-water mark, soon to recede into the annals of history.

Click this image to equip yourself for battle against politicians who support lax voter ID laws in NC.

. . .and hold them accountable!

We propose an alternate ending and call out for help from all persons who yearn for an electoral process that actively works to prevent stolen elections. Please click on the image (seen to the right of this paragraph) to consider your role in an active process to hole lawmakers accountable.

The Short History of This Fast-Track Bill

VIP’s “stunning betrayal” announcement: Our original alarm message on HB 836

Our initial assessment on why the NC legislature caved on Voter ID: “Intel Response” on HB 836. 

The article (at left) was written by Press Millen, but the on-line version of it was pulled from both the News & Observer website and the Charlotte Observer site less than two months after being published; but Press spiked the football in the article, gloating a bit too much.

Given the new reality, VIP begins a series of problem-solution reports. Each “reason” the law created a new loophole also comes with some suggested ways to mitigate or “fix” the problem created by the new law.

  1. The law should equip election boards for validating the RID voter. The law contains no constructive guidance on how election officials should validate any of the information used by the voter in place of the photo ID. This article offers a solution that would enable officials to discourage fraud by retaining some key evidence.
  2. Using the DOB & SSN-4 are optional, but should be mandatory. Several media organizations and more than a few elected official told us (and their constituents) that DOB & SSN-4 are required “in addition” to the voter’s registration card or their piece of paper with their name and address on it (called a HAVA ID”) This shows the actual wording of the law, refuting such inaccurate claims. It also suggests how it can be fixed.
  3. The fake ID known as “HAVA ID” Drills down in the absurdity of allowing pieces of paper (with no picture on them) to count as photo ID. But, since that’s the law now, the BOE should at least get to retain the document long enough to photocopy it. Then, they can research the information shown in order to validate the person really does live at the stated address and isn’t using fake documents to steal extra votes.
  4. The false assurance of a sworn affidavit. This pokes holes in the notion that swearing one is named a certain person is a joke, since there is no way to trace the sworn document back to the person actually making the oath. There is a simple fix to this problem, but it takes political courage.
  5. Reopening the door to non-US citizens voting in elections. . . legally this time!
  6. Coming soon: Exacerbating the curbside-voting and absentee-ballot loopholes.

[Note: This page had content added to it Aug 6, 2015]