Florida Responds to VIP Vote Fraud Discovery

Nov 3, 2014 (TAMPA, FL) — Florida wakes up to vote fraud after Tampa and Orlando television news teams┬áreported on 149 persons identified by the Voter Integrity Project who were “involved” in interstate double voting.

Please click image to view Tampa's Fox-13 newscast.

Please click image to view Tampa’s Fox-13 newscast.

“We’ve suggested to elections officials that these people either committed vote fraud or were victims of someone who saw the opportunity to steal their identity for an extra vote,” said Jay DeLancy, Director of the Voter Integrity Project. “Of course, if they’re victims, the person who stole their vote will never be prosecuted.”

The group submitted their evidence of fraud last April. The news team began investigating in July and even found one man who admitted double voting on camera. Florida’s Secretary of State offices never responded to VIP. The NC State Board of Elections has acknowledged their interest in the data.

“From every indication we’ve gotten, we’re convinced that North Carolina election officials are investigating these cases in a very methodical way,” said DeLancy.

The evidence was developed by VIP through analysis of both states’ voter rolls to find people who appeared to have voted in both states for the 2012 election. This was not part of the Interstate Crosscheck investigation that resulted in more than 36,000 possible double voters between NC and at least one of 27 other states.

“Florida dropped out of that program for some mysterious reason,” said DeLancy, “and we were glad they did. Otherwise, our year-long research project would have been trumped by a higher number they, no doubt, would have found.”

To view the Fox 13 news cast that aired tonight at 6 PM in Tampa, FL, please click here.