Will NC House/Senate GOP Leadership Fool Us Again?

Oct 11, 2021

[Amid our applause last week, some Republican lawmakers showed backbone and picked a fight with election officials. Today’s video podcast is a cautionary tale about the tendency of NC’s House and Senate leadership has been known to act symbolically while sabotaging any substantive improvements in election integrity. We show this as a warning to us all: Do not let up in your demands to audit our electoral process, starting with 2020.]

Columbus Day is a fitting podcast date to show the public how Voter Integrity Project’s eight-year fight with so-called “Republican” leaders of their state Legislature in order to enact a law that would require the Clerks of Court to share all jury-disqualification information with election officials, who would then be compelled to investigate for potential felony non-citizen voting.

The entire issue of non-citizen voting began in North Carolina when, in 2012, John Pizzo and I partnered to match Wake County’s jury-disqualification list with the voter rolls. We found a bunch of them and I (Jay) filed “voter challenges” against more than 500 whom we believed were a good match. In the end, WRAL ran a hit piece on our efforts and a charming but lying Leftist named Bob Hall smeared our work as the Wake County Board of Elections denied all of our challenges.

A week later, the Board quietly reversed course on some of our challenges and proved Hall had lied. This happened when they made 11 criminal referrals to ICE because of our work. Hall had falsely claimed we had “wasted everybody’s time” by challenging people who simply “were not residents of Wake County.”

The criminal referrals put the truth to that lie.

Nonetheless, WRAL never “factchecked” Mr. Hall and NC’s Administrative Office of the Courts made sure we could never get that jury-DQ list again. Rather than sue their boss, the Chief Justice of the NC Supreme Courts, we opted to seek a change in the law . . . which kicked off a (now) eight-year battle to defend our ballot box against foreign invasion.

The links below will show how, in the first six years in the fight, our good governance measure was killed each time by either House Speaker Moore or Senate Pro-Tempore Berger.

Finally, in the seventh year, they allowed it to pass.

Why their change in heart? Because killing it could no longer be blamed on them! Since they had lost their veto-proof majority, they passed the bill and worded the title to bait Democrat Governor Roy Cooper into a veto… which he gave them!!

Here are the links to all previous versions of the bill, by year in 2013, in 2015 and in 2017, and again in 2019. Now we see it again with a 2021 version.

NOT covered in the video was the NC State Board of Election’s 2019 open admission that they do not even have a program developed to identify and remove non-citizens from the voter rolls.

We all know non-citizens are among the population, but they do not have voting rights, and finding them would be relatively easy if the numerous state agencies could somehow be motivated to cooperate. Getting Clerks of Courts to share information is a good start.

We bring this up this week because past behavior is the best predictor of future conduct.

While the Legislature’s efforts to track non-citizen voters have been gallant, there is always an element of not letting Patriots truly have the law they want.

As in the infamous Floyd Amendment fight during our state’s recent voter ID law, House and or Senate leadership will try to sabotage their own bills in order to fool their party’s base while avoiding punishment by NC’s version of the “Deep State.”

We fear our lawmakers will act the same with any “audit 2020” efforts up through mid-December’s candidate filing deadline. The temptation would be to feign concern over the 202 elections until they’re assured of no primary challengers.

At that point, some may gravitate back to regular business and simply scold their base to support them or those “wascally Democwats” will win.

As the RINOs learned in last January’s special Senate run-off elections, there’s an element of their base that sees no difference between the two parties. Instead of blindly supporting RINOs, they stayed home and Republicans lost the US Senate.

We’d hope NC’s House and Senate leadership would never try the same cynical ploy against their GOP base . . . but hope is never a good strategy.

With only a few weeks to force the Legislature into substantive measure, we urge election integrity activists to KEEP UP THE PRESSURE. Lawmakers need to give serious scrutiny to the actions of our state’s election cartel. . . starting with 2020.

Today’s video podcast covers this report in far more detail. Click the image below if you want to see for yourself.