Former NC Supreme Court Justice Drinks the Kool Aid

Former NC Supreme Court Justice Bob Orr demonstrates why NC’s mandatory retirement age for judges was a great idea.

June 14, 2018 (Raleigh) — Too many politicians act is if vote theft is less important than gutlessly preening for the dominant media; and sadly, former NC Supreme Court Justice, Bob Orr, joined that McCainiac Universe with an op-ed published in the Charlotte Observer.

Rather than critique Orr’s missive line-by-line, I encourage you to go read it and sound off on their comment page. But first, let me remind readers that buying into the “voter suppression” myth dismisses several key problems:

First, by definition, fraud is designed to be invisible. And yet, our organization has found vote fraud that election officials would otherwise have not known.

Prevention is far easier than detection. That’s why 34 states already have some form of voter ID requirement. (If you click that link, please note that NC is the only southeastern state with no voter ID laws.)

Those same people, the election officials who assured the public that there was little-to-no vote fraud, employed full-smear tactics in 2012 when we gave them evidence of 30,000 deceased people on their voter rolls.

Even though we’ve bagged just three felony convictions (for details, please click here and here), dozens of our cases have been “declined” by District Attorneys. One declined two cases and even scoffed that he had “more important things to do.”

(Mis)Trusting Government Employees

The public is denied access to the really big data that would help groups like ours find even more serious vote theft. While we’re forced to “trust the government” to do this type of forensic research, there is no way to verify their integrity.

We’ve seen numerous cases of poorly educated DMV employees (legally) giving driver licenses to foreign nationals and then (illegally) inviting them to register to vote. Such employees badly need adult supervision.

We’ve collected numerous testimonies of truly criminal behavior at the polls involving everything from election officials suppressing Republican voters to people openly committing voter impersonation fraud…none of which were prosecuted.

Our counterparts in other states have had similar findings, but none of them can hold a candle to California’s Election Integrity Project. In addition to giving the US Civil Rights Commission more than 5,000 eyewitness accounts of fraudulent behavior, covering things like election officials openly removing ballots from locked ballot boxes, lying about machines not working and promising to scan them later, and allowing wholesale ballot box stuffing.

The Civil Rights Crisis of Our Time

The 1965 Civil Rights Act was indeed a sorely needed reform, but all reforms have their excesses and we’ve long passed that tipping point when it comes to voting. For 50 years, our election officials have turned a blind eye to vote fraud for fear of inconveniencing anybody attempting to vote.

Modern society requires state-issued identification in order to discourage fraud. Some visiting UN observers politely said that America’s fraud-friendly election laws “would not work in their country.

The Bottom Line: North Carolina is about to hold an election on a constitutional amendment for voter ID and elections must be managed with at least as much fraud prevention as in all other valuable transactions. If the Soros-funded opponents of this modest reform win by racial shaming, then our nation is nothing more than a third-world banana republic…only with a lot more expensive toys.

~ Jay DeLancy

[BTW: I dare anybody to engage me in public debate over this issue.]