Gerrymandering Stratgey Redefines “Fair”

Allon the Line,” a well-funded “Progressive” strategy targets NC.

[Note: This is one of a series of posts on the Left’s battle to take the Legislature’s constitutional authority on redistricting.”]

Nov 8, 2019 (Raleigh) Ask any 4-year-old child what “fair” means and you will usually get an honest answer: “Fair means I get what I want.

A Leftist organization, called “All on the Line,” blames “structural barriers” as the reason behind their failed ideas being unpopular at the ballot box, by using language like this: “there is a fundamental structural barrier that prevents progress: rigged electoral maps drawn with surgical precision by politicians to preserve their party‚Äôs political power and silence the will of the people.”

The website is designed to train up activists who will know just enough to bully and harass duly elected legislators in Republican states, as part of a propaganda campaign to promote a lie that “redistricting” or “gerrymandering” can be done in some sort of “nonpartisan” way. This is a myth since redistricting is the single most partisan action required in our constitutional republic’s democratic processes.

Quote from All on the Line’s website.

“The terminology the Left us using comes straight out of the college philosophy department in general and the angry Marxist mind of John Rawls in particular and make no mistake. Rawls’ ideas will tear America down to our foundations.” ~ jd