Virginia Poised for One-Party Domination Via Redistricting Commission

Oct 29, 2020 (Raleigh) With the election just days away, we’ve got enough on our plate in North Carolina, but this foolish measure in Virginia absolutely must be addressed. If you know anybody in the Old Dominion, you might want to forward this to them before Tuesday, because their Republican party has handed Democrats the loaded weapon that will kill them: a “bi-partisan” redistricting commission.

The true motivation for this surrender action is that politicians hate seeing their names listed in lawsuits. As a result, they sold their voters on the notion of having a group of Democrats, Republicans and “regular folks” draw the district lines.Then, when the “regular people” on the commission turn out to be either lying “Progressives” or useless idiots, the Left will start getting everything they want.

I’ve previously referenced a very detailed Pro Publica article (a left-wing media source) that bragged about how they conquered California through the “non-partisan” redistricting commission that also included so-called “independent” voters. Granting them all sorts of grace, we can only conclude the sw2ing commissioners were either lied about their politics or they were truly dumb as doorknobs and should not have been given the task.

In the end, any lawsuits in California had to be filed against the commission (instead of the elected politicians) but the legislature lightly funded the commission in order to limit their ability to defend themselves against Soros-backed “sue-till-they’re-blue” organizations.

Are ya’ depressed yet, Virginia?

Next, the commission was forced to settle with every left-wing group that filed suit. with their limitless amounts of money. The lawsuits only ended after California Democrats had achieved a veto-proof super-majority in both state houses.We’ve covered much of that in an earlier post about the traitors in NC that were trying to pull the same trick on their voters, and you can link to it by clicking here.

The bottom line was ridiculous districts that just happen to disenfranchise as many Republican bases as they could and they were all gained through the kind of guile and deceit that only a Leftist could admire.

A Republican insider explained to me how they were going to sue the commission as soon as they drew the lines “just like the Democrats did ten years ago.”  Too bad their party leadership sold them down the river.

Once the measure passes, the only way Republicans will be able to fight it is to match the heavily funded out-of-state organizations who will find “victims” and sue sue sue in Virginia. Since 2010, North Carolina has endured more than eight years of litigation over the district lines and finally surrendered about a year ago.

I’m sure the GOP base will forgive the politicians who screwed this pooch so badly… and then they will open their wallets to file the lawsuits to protect those same politicians’ districts. Judging from the hype video at the bottom of this post, the Republican proponent is a Delegate named, Jason Miyares.

We wonder if he’s from California or something.

Before we close with the left-wing commercial sent by a gleeful RINO group called “Suburban Virginia Republican Coalition,” consider our modest solution to the problem of letting the black-robe tyrants control the redistricting process.

A constitutional amendment is definitely needed, but not to lay out the terms of surrender. Instead, it should echo what SCOTUS decreed. A few years after the federal courts had forced NC to cough up two more Democrat congressional districts, they decided to call it a day. Republicans sought help from SCOTUS and Roberts suddenly realized that the US Constitution does not give the courts the power to meddle in redistricting questions.

That same reality exists in state constitutions as well. Judicial gerrymandering seems like an open-and-shut a violation of the separation of powers clause in the US Constitution, but not if somebody objects.

Both the US Constitution and the North Carolina Constitution consistently grant that power to the Legislative branch. Whether or not the Virginia Constitution followed the model of the US Constitution, it should. Our best advice is to write an amendment that severely limits the judiciary from honing in on this legislative power.