Group challenges 182 “missing” Buncombe voters

(Asheville, NC)—MAR 14, 2014—The Voter Integrity Project and local volunteers from the Asheville Tea Party took an unprecedented step at 10:30 AM today of filing official challenges to the voter registrations of 182 former Asheville residents who cannot be found by either election officials or the Post Office.

“We support these challenges because the so-called ‘Motor Voter’ law forces election officials to retain such voters long after they’ve moved,” said Jay DeLancy, Executive Director of VIP, “and when they’re still on the voter rolls, identity thieves can vote in their place, with no fear of being prosecuted.”

More than 500,000 similar voters, termed “Inactive” are on the state’s rolls. Their mail was returned “undeliverable,” but federal law allows them to vote from that address for at least four years after they’ve moved.

“In most cases, these inactive voters either moved away or died; but by calling them ‘Inactive,’ the public misunderstands the danger,” he said. “In reality, their registration addresses are not valid, and the government can’t find them. They are missing and should be removed before someone steals their vote.

The all-volunteer group says the 182 voters they challenged only represent “the tip of the iceberg,” because they only contacting people who live in houses with more than seven people registered to vote. In working with the current occupants, they were able to determine who had moved away and who had not.

“When we lowered the threshold to five, we found thousands of more Inactive voters,” he said, “so this project should continue for quite some time.”

DeLancy cautions the public against dismissing this problem as isolated to one state by calling it “a national epidemic created by the fraud-friendly law” enacted in 1993.

According to that federal law (called NVRA or “motor voter”) anybody who can orally recite the name and address of such voters can vote in that person’s name with no questions asked and no ID required.

“The logical consequence of this terrible federal law is a virtual time bomb where any organized criminal enterprise could steal thousands of votes in any state including NC without a real voter ID law.”

NC passed a voter ID law, but it won’t take full effect until January 2016 and it’s currently tied up in court.

The NAACP has filed subpoenas for VIP records in hopes of obtaining the group’s internal communications, membership information and proprietary research, but VIP is fighting the subpoena, calling it “legal harassment.” For more information, please visit www.VoterIntegrityProject.com.