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Links and show notes to Jay DeLancy’s daily (Mon-Fri) video podcast on election integrity in NC and abroad.

(This page is an archive of our video podcasts. You will find our most recent podcasts on the website’s front page. At either page, simply click on the image accompanying each day’s program notes).


Oct 23, 2021 – SBE Panic Part 1 (Leaked Memos)

Acting more and more like a gang of cornered bank robbers, the NC State Board of Elections is showing signs of duress through two recently leaked policy memos secretly pushed to the state’s 100 county election Directors.

Fearing what an effective canvassing operation can reveal about the level of ballot theft occurring across the state, SBE Executive Director Karen Bell’s shell-shocked team is flailing over the organized efforts of a Telegram group, called North Carolina Audit Force (NCAF).

Today’s video podcast (click this link or the image at bottom of post) elaborates, but here are the details.

Oct 20, 2021 – Fact Checking the Media Lies About Trump

YouTube killed this video the first time, but we’ve finally got it re-posted on another platform.

(YouTube killed this post, but Rumble rescued us!) MSNBC lies about a comment posted by President Trump

help us understand even more how dangerous their propaganda has become. It all began with an Oct 13, 2021 statement from The Desk of Donald Trump website, which said, “If we don’t solve the Presidential Election Fraud of 2020 (which we have thoroughly and conclusively documented), Republicans will not be voting in ‘22 or ‘24. It is the single most important thing for Republicans to do.”

Oct 18, 2018 – Find your own phantom voters!

Lots of people have asked us how they can canvass their neighborhoods, even if they do not live in or around the county or counties being targeted by the North Carolina Audit Force. While we applaud their work, the NCAF may or may not be operating in a county near where you live, so this podcast offers a viable course of action for anybody else wanting to form a team of election watchdogs.

Click image to launch video podcast.

There are hundreds of thousands of voters who–legally or illegally–are registered to vote from addresses at which they do not live. If they vote from that address, it’s a crime that is rarely prosecuted. Thankfully, there are solutions to the massive problem, but it involves individual action… and that means doing something besides sitting at your keyboard and hitting the “like” button.

This video shows something anybody can do, anywhere in North Carolina, by using our Phantom Voter Project tool. If you’re not in NC and want to host a similar tool with your state’s voter rolls, we may be able to help you achieve that goal… so call us!

Oct 15, 2021 – Wanted: Adult supervision of elections

Reports continue to come in about election officials doing illegal things that impact large numbers of voters

Atlanta-area civil rights boss, Mitzi Bickers

continue to pop up. Durham’s shady history in this area are linked in this podcast, along with the latest news in Atlanta, where fraud and corrupt election officials both are on the docket.

In their November 3 mayoral election, the incumbent stepped out of the race (possibly) to avoid federal prosecution in an ever-expanding FBI probe into corruption of key people in the Atlanta civil rights mobs. We bring you up to speed on that mess, while also highlighting two Atlanta election employees, who were fired and turned over to federal investigators after other employees reported seeing them shred 300 registration forms during this municipal election cycle

Today’s podcast ties all of those news items into one theme: What you can do to take ownership of your elections.

Oct 13, 2021 – Lawmaker Threatens NC Freedom Caucus

Theatrics were in high gear after the October 7 drawing that pointed a spotlight at Durham County’s elections office, when State Representative Zach Hawkins, took a moment of personal privilege to threaten harm to anybody from the Freedom Caucus if they dared to exercise their electoral oversight authority in Durham.

Click image to launch video podcast.

Specifically, Hawkins said, “You are not welcome in Durham County, and if you try, it may not work out for you very well.”

(You can hear Hawkins’ full rant at the 28:40 to 29:57 marks official NC House recording.)

The lawmaker’s hissy fit earned praise from Choice FM’s Mark-Anthony Middleton, who interviewed State Rep Hawkins and State Senator Natalie Murdock (which can be viewed by scrolling down to Oct 9 on this FB page.)

Middleton lauded Hawkins for going “full Durham” on Rep McNeely for threatening the use of Capital Police to seize the voting machines, unless they were turned over cooperatively.

Rep McNeely responded to Hawkins’ hissy fit two days later, during a radio interview between himself and Rep Bobby Hanig. (You can view it by scrolling down his FB page to Oct 11, beginning 25 minutes into the program.

This podcast also covers Durham’s surly history in managing elections and the work by Trevor Loudon which exposed how the Chinese Communist Party has successfully infiltrated Durham’s political climate by fostering racial division.

Oct 11, 2021 – Will NC House/Senate GOP Leadership Fool Us Again?

Amid our applause last week, some Republican lawmakers showed backbone and picked a fight with election officials. Today’s video podcast is a cautionary tale about the tendency of NC’s House and Senate leadership has been known to act symbolically while sabotaging any substantive improvements in election integrity. We show this as a warning to us all: Do not let up in your demands to audit our electoral process, starting with 2020.

Click image to view podcast.

At issue was Voter Integrity Project’s eight-year fight with “Republican” leaders of the state Legislature in order to enact a law that would require the Clerks of Court to share all jury-disqualification information with election officials, who would then be compelled to investigate for potential felony non-citizen voting.

The entire issue of non-citizen voting began in North Carolina when, in 2012, John Pizzo and I partnered to match Wake County’s jury-disqualification list with the voter rolls. We found a bunch of them and I (Jay) filed “voter challenges” against more than 500 whom we believed were a good match.

In the end, WRAL ran a hit piece on our efforts and a charming but lying Leftist named Bob Hall smeared our work as the Wake County Board of Elections denied all of our challenges.

Oct 8, 2021 – Is Durham’s “luck” starting to run out?

Durham County became the not-so-lucky pick in a drawing to determine which elections office would get the most scrutiny in an effort by lawmakers to make some sense out of the massive information warfare being waged between those defending the secretive ways of election officials and those highlighting the reasons they need more transparency.

Yesterday’s drawing is just the second attempt by NC lawmakers to claw back their constitutional authority over the manner and place of their elections. If they’re serious enough to follow up yesterday’s stunning announcement, they will probably wind up in court to test the Legislature’s subpoena powers that already exist in state law.


Oct 7, 2021 Combined into the Nov 8 podcast (above)

Oct 6, 2021 – Hounds unleashed against McCrory loyalists.

An appeals court ruling yesterday puts a green light on the harassment campaign launched by the Southern Coalition for Social Justice, a Durham-based Leftist group that’s targeting anybody they can smear for helping (then) Gov Pat McCrory claw back his crushing 2016 defeat. That election was tainted with enough convenient “glitches” to convince many of us that his 2016 election was the inspiration for the similar scenario that played out in several battleground states four years later.

SCSJ’s civil lawfare strategy was to harass both the grass-root McCrory loyalists and the McCrory donors who financed his legal efforts. The SCSJ’s argument hinged on the specious idea that filing an official challenge of another NC voter, under NCGS §163, Article 8 should be punished for “defaming” the voter who’s in question. We hope some grown ups step in to correct this lie.

Yesterday’s court ruling showed us all how blood thirsty the Left is, when the court pretty much cleared the grass-roots poster child for their harassment campaign, Clark Porter, from any prosecution for simply filing a complaint in the “quasi-judicial proceeding.”

Since SCSJ really wanted to go after McCrory’s donors, they were ok with the ruling . . . for now. They hinted that they may continuing their persecution of Porter at some point in the future.

Oct 5, 2021 – Virginia vote fraud and the “nonpartisan” map makers

In a two-part podcast, DeLancy covered some quick tips that Virginia’s election integrity activists may want to consider as they began their 30-day early voting period today.

He also dove into the “non-partisan” redistricting rules used in one county to help flip control of their Republican-majority County Commission. The trickery being used in how one side applies the rules can also be used by the other side. The Left has known that fact for decades, but LOCAL Republicans in Lee County (NC) figured it out just in time to prevent a bureaucratic steal.

By the way . . . the same sort of scheming is already underway in many of YOUR city and county redistricting efforts, so you’d better get smart on this issue . . . and we do mean FAST!

Oct 4, 2021 – Returned mail blows up SBE propaganda

A letter mailed by VIP during a March 2019 research project , that was returned “undeliverable” this week by the US Post Office, puts truth to the lie about the role our postal system is assigned in making sure our elections are well-conducted.

So much of our convoluted voter list maintenance laws are based on the notion that postal workers are 100% accurate and timely. This week’s returned letter was sent to a Same-Day Registration voter, whose vote was accepted and counted. Why? Because his “verification” mailing was never returned to election officials!

He has since voted again and his registration stands as “nothing to see,” but this is no indictment of the individual voter. Though his record looks questionable, it also looks plausible. Our problem is with the legally designed process that would enable hundreds or even thousands of voters to exploit postal inefficiencies in order to steal votes in a close election.


Sep 31, 2021 Oct 1, 2021 – War at the CBEs (Partisan Precinct Packing Pt. 2)

Click this image to launch today’s video podcast.

New information on how Democrats are rigging their favorite precincts in North Carolina by subverting laws that prohibit having a majority of election Precinct Judges who do not live within the precinct. This is a devious trick that 99.99% of Americans never imagined, so it’s complicated. Hopefully, this video podcast will help you understand how they’ve accomplished this dirty trick and some actions you can take to help mitigate such rigging at the County Board of Elections (CBE) meetings.

Sep 30, 2021 – Democrat Precinct Packing Called Out in Bladen (Pt. 1)

(Click image to launch video podcast.)

Bladen County’s Wayne Schaeffer filed a protest Wednesday that exposed a deliberate effort by their County Election Board (CBE) to eliminate most of the precinct Judges he had lawfully nominated in his capacity as Republican Party County Chairman.

During this podcast, we also hinted that this same type of internal rigging is happening in other counties as well. This is a MUST-HEAR episode for election board members and for county party officials, because those Republican officials tend to not recognize the rules by which their Democrat counterparts are playing. As a result, they scratch their heads and wonder how they got trapped into voting for precinct staffing that goes against the best interests of open and honest elections.

Sep 29, 2021 – Beating the Spiral of Silence

Today’s podcast addresses what’s behind the newest RINO-Democrat ploy of lying about the numbers of people who are concerned about public accountability of election officials, starting with an audit of the 2020 elections.

This episode shows the origins of Spiral of Silence theory, along with the details of how and why it is so effective.

But then, rather than have you throw up your arms in despair, we use to the examples from the Stonewall Riots to the Woolworth Lunch Counter to prove that ALL social change comes through the courage of people who are willing to buck the prevailing societal trends for a greater cause.

The homepage for this podcast features lots of links that back up much of what Jay explains in the video.

To continue reading a more complete report (and view the links accompanying the story, click here,

Sep 28, 2021 – Stay on the Offense!

Click image to access full post and video.

Today’s video podcast covers the battle Senator Mastriano has fought against the election cartel in the Keystone State. His plight shows how Democrats and RINOs colluded to stop his efforts to make his state’s elections more transparent. He used his Chairmanship of the of their Senate Intergovernmental Committee to start digging up evidence, so Senate President Pro Tempore Jake Corman, who identifies as “Republican,” swiftly stripped away Mastriano’s Chairmanship. Yesterday, he made news by highlighting some key findings from the Arizona audit and this podcast examines those points as key questions that need to be resolved in North Carolina, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and 47 other states.

Sept 27, 2021 – Media meltdown over Arizona audit and their misdirection over the more damaging results, and how NC might want to respond.

Click image to launch video.

Rather than hyping the Arizona audit’s results in terms of bad news for Trump or what’s “gonna” happen next, today’s episode reviews what happen and how a responsive state government might address the problems.

Newsweek article began the media gaslighting efforts and Reuters jumped in with, “‘Truth is truth’: Trump dealt blow as Republican-led Arizona audit reaffirms Biden win.”

And finally, MSNBC’s Maddow Blog gave us this jewel, “Arizona’s sham audit was a fiasco, but the GOP’s scam endures.”

It takes longer, but you can conduct your own analysis by examining the cover letter AZ Sen President Karen Fann sent over to her state’s Attorney General.

You can access the longer write-up of today’s report by clicking here.

Sept 25, 2021 – A “Saturday Special” podcast on the Arizona audit and how its results reverberate across the nation and state.

Many deniers and never-Trumpers will gloat over the headlines after this audit, but they ignore the details that demand swift action in 49 other states and criminal referrals in Arizona. This podcast covers the major findings of this multi-million dollar investigation, gives context to the five major findings, and suggests the way ahead for state’s Legislatures who may want to claw back some of the powers over elections that they have delegated to outside state agencies. A more detailed written report of today’s podcast can be accessed here.

The links of importance from today:

WRAL news account of the 2016 Durham (NC) conviction of a man for tampering with 1,900 ballots.

The NCSBE account of the same story. (Note how the WRAL piece provided more information.)

Landing page for all results from the Arizona audit.

Link to President Fann’s audit cover letter.

Link to all Cyber Ninja reports and presentations.


Sept 24, 2021 – The Arizona Audit and a book review of the first book about how Congressman-elect Mark Harris was swindled out of his seat. Spoiler alert: Robin Hayes played a part in his character assassination.

Sep 24, 2021 (Sanford) Today will be like no other with the Arizona audit details set to be released this afternoon at 4 PM (Eastern Daylight Time). If you want speculation on what’s in the report, go somewhere else. The two scenarios we see are either that it creates a sonic boom along the lines of January 6, or there are still enough McCain loyalists lurking in the Arizona Senate that they can kill any momentum the report would otherwise generate. At any rate, that the results will speak for themselves.

It will probably crash, but here’s one link to their broadcast. https://www.azleg.gov/videoplayer/

On to North Carolina…

I finally finished Thirteen Ballots, Elizabeth (Beth) Harris’ autobiographical account of how corrupt forces in both of North Carolina’s political parties colluded to destroy her husband, Rev Mark Harris, after he had the audacity to win a primary challenge against an incumbent deep-state RINO named Robert Pittenger.

This book is a significant historical artifact on at least three levels:

  1. As the wife of an ambitious politician, she took pains to describe the toll a political campaign has on the

    Click image to access the video podcast.

    candidate’s family. Beth is a great role model parent and wife, yet she explains this side of the equation in a touching way. Any Christian couple that’s thinking about going into politics should read this book together.

  2. The dealings her husband had with the (now) convicted felon Chairman of the NC Republican Party gives us a hint at who was really behind Mark’s character assassination. I elaborate in this link, but the personal interactions this couple experienced along the way with other power players is a stunning eye opener. Any Christian college student majoring in public policy should read this book. In fact, I’d recommend it as required reading in the Liberty and Regent Public Policy MA programs.
  3. And finally, one cannot read this book and ignore the absolute raw deal Mark Harris got from NC’s State Board of Elections (SBE) Director Kim Strach, her sidekick, Joan Fleming, who allowed Chairman Josh Malcolm and a cast of Democrat operatives to break every rule in order to oust Harris from his lawfully elected seat. As if the corruption on display in that show trial was not enough, Beth contrasted the agency’s treatment of Mark with their response to NC’s 2016 gubernatorial election and this was genius. Lawmakers on election-oversight committees should read this book, audit every aspect of how they handled the 2020 elections, and then maybe issue criminal referrals for what they find.

My biggest takeaway from this entire ordeal is that our elections are being administered by a cartel of administrators, politicians, and consultants who operate above the law. Our elected leaders are either afraid to expose the gravity of the situation or they’re complicit with the arrangement.

There are others, but just one example of how deep the corruption runs can be illustrated in the interactions Mark Harris had with disgraced NC GOP Party Chairman, Robin Hayes.

“Robin Hayes called Mark and told him that if he would promise not to join the Freedom Caucus, Robin would help him raise funds. Mark told Robin he had already pledged to join and could not go back on it. We really didn’t hear from Robin again until we saw him at the end of the summer, in what turned out to be a very embarrassing moment form him” (94).

Later, we picked up the saga that played out, when President Trump was about to land in Charlotte for an August fundraiser.

“While we were standing around outside . . . the credentials area . . . Robin Hayes approached us. We chatted for a time as we waited to get our credentials, as Robin Hayes had a small part in the program. Suddenly, the Trump people nixed that. They did not want Robin to appear at the event with the president. Robin kind of smiled, shrugged it off and left. Later we learned that Robin was under investigation by the FBI as part of a big operation initiated by North Carolina’s new Republican Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey. Robin later pled guilty to one count of lying to the FBI. As we think about it in hindsight, it gives us pause. There was a reason Trump didn’t want to be seen with Hayes. Yet he had no qualms about being seen with us. At that time Dowless had been under investigation by the FBI for approximately four months” (95-6).

I said a lot more about this book in the podcast and in the extended review, linked here, but this post is a taste.

Our biggest disappointment was that attorneys played a major part in this not-so silent coup, and Beth largely gave them a pass. We would have liked to know more about why Mark felt like he had no choice but to appear and testify at the “evidentiary” hearings. What attorneys egged him into that trap?

Was it the Roger Knight-John Branch team, hired by the NRCC before they found an excuse to abandon the fight?

Was it Harris’ criminal attorney, the late David Freeman? His defense cost the Harris family more than $100,000 but he must not have understood the terms of the subpoena that McCrae Dowless’ small-town attorney understood perfectly.

The limited power of that “quasi-judicial” governing board stipulated made their subpoena enforceable, but testifying was optional. Dowless’ attorney, Cynthia Singletary, explained this to the Board and offered her client’s testimony in exchange for immunity. Afraid of what Dowless might reveal in open court, the Board balked and Dowless walked.

History will never tell us what would have happened if Harris had offered a similar deal.

When combined with the Nick Ochsner-Michael Graff book, due out in November, we’ll get a clearer picture of North Carolina’s deep-state corruption.

Sept 23, 2021 – Unsolicited advice for Christians entering politics

(Click image to launch video podcast.)

Today’s program applies lessons from a newly published book by Elizabeth Harris, called Thirteen Ballots, the Pro Publica account of how Democrats “fooled” California‘s so-called “nonpartisan” redistricting commissions, along with yesterday’s action step to confront lawmakers over “racial gerrymandering.”

Jay has learned–the hard way–how some political animals simply manipulate Christians in politics over our tendency to treat others the way you want to be treated. While that is exactly what Jesus and “the law of the Prophets” said to do, there’s a catch: The people you deal with in politics may not live by that same code. The key is wisdom. Never “assume” their values are also your values.

Sep 22, 2021 – Mythical “nonpartisan” redistricting commission touted by WRAL

WRAL fired the first shot by exposing the Left’s orchestrated efforts across the state. The “news” hook is that the NC Legislature is holding public hearings in each of our state’s 13 Congressional districts and all of the speakers–brought there by the League of Women Voters–are begging for “nonpartisan” redistricting. https://www.wral.com/editorial-citizens-are-speaking-up-to-legislators-adopt-non-partisan-redistricting-now/19888485/

Hearings in 2019 covered this issue, and we suggested pressing the angle that Chief Justice Roberts made at the federal level: The federal courts have no dog in this fight. But, since he didn’t bar the state courts from exercising Judicial Gerrymandering, it was game on for the likes of Eric Holder and Mark Elias. https://voterintegrityproject.com/redistricting-hearing-begs-for-adult-involvement/


Former President Obama and former Attorney General Eric Holder are featured in this site, revealing the Democrat redistricting strategy in broad god-like terms and to recruit volunteers.

VIP covered extensively how this issue is being used to flip ten key battleground states and turn the US into the next Venezuela. https://voterintegrityproject.com/gerrymandering-stratgey-redefines-fair/

Democrats lay out their strategy at this link: https://www.allontheline.org/?fbclid=IwAR0ivDxr0f6E-yzYVfcB4IKlxg9dp1Epkc9365zZw6pVwZVwZxA2-Vi6IAk#states

Research by Heritage Foundation’s Hans Von Spakovsky and the Capital Research Center’s Michael Watson blows up the myth of “nonpartisan” and both are linked inside this article. https://voterintegrityproject.com/research-blows-up-the-myth-of-nonpartisan-redistricting/

Using the real life example of California, this amazing article shows exactly how the Left conquered California, destroyed their state’s two-party system, and turned that state into an unaccountable, unstoppable, one-party communist country. Finish this sentence: “As goes California, so goes _____.” I recommend you print off this Pro Publica report, read it, re-read it, highlight it, and teach your neighbors and lawmakers about it.   https://www.propublica.org/article/how-democrats-fooled-californias-redistricting-commission

An NCGA insider confessed to me that what’s driving this RINO sell-out effort is that politicians hate seeing their names listed as defendants in lawsuits. It’s bad for their future employment. We sympathize, but if they can’t stand the heat, maybe they should show courage and play offense for a while. At any rate, the Left has used that fact to beat true RINOs into submission. In 2019, NC House leadership pushed a unilateral surrender on outsourcing their redistricting duties to a “nonpartisan” commission. Their bill’s language exposes the racial agenda of their entire plan and exploits racial polarization to a new level.  https://voterintegrityproject.com/the-last-battle/

You can find all of these stories and more by visiting our site and typing the word “redistricting” into our site search engine. https://voterintegrityproject.com/?s=redistricting

As a bonus, you can even read how Virginia RINOs fooled their party into supporting a California-style redistricting commission model, thus guaranteeing a veto-proof Democrat majority in the Old Dominion for at least the next 50 years. https://voterintegrityproject.com/goodby-virginia/


Sep 21, 2021 – Outing RINOs and Sabotaging Canvasses

Story of NCGOP Chairman, Michael Whatley being booed by patriot audience in High Point, NC. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/09/lie-want-audit-worthless-north-carolina-gop-chairman-booed-heckled-gop-election-integrity-event-video/

Whatley’s employment past as Chief of Staff for the failed opportunist NC Senator Liddy Dole. https://www.opensecrets.org/federal-lobbying/lobbyists/official_positions?cycle=2007&id=Y0000020816L

(Click image to open the video.)

Whatley’s lobbying clients from times past: https://www.opensecrets.org/revolving/indus.php?id=71168

Liz Harris’ headline-grabbing Arizona canvass report: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/09/breaking-huge-results-canvassing-arizona-released-election-steal-now-confirmed/

Conservative Treehouse piece touting Harris’ great work: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/blog/2021/09/08/liz-harris-discusses-results-of-an-independent-canvass-audit-in-maricopa-arizona/

Another report from “Uncover DC” website: https://uncoverdc.com/2021/09/08/arizona-canvass-update-299493-votes-impacted/

I hate to admit it, but Associated Press “fact” checkers actually got this one right. We need to avoid making the kinds of mistakes in basic social science that will garner headlines until the truth detectors catch up with us. The goal of any canvass should be to affect public policy and we do this by avoiding shortcuts. https://www.knau.org/post/fact-check-az-canvass-report-draws-nonsensical-conclusions


Sep 20, 2021 – North Carolina Voter ID off for now.

“News” paper smears Missouri AG Jay Aschcroft over election integrity.

Steps you can take to ensure election integrity in NC and around the nation.

Click image for the video