How the Left Will Steal the Next Election*

*unless lawmakers can stop them.

Feb 3, 2022 (Sanford, NC) Not to rant about the past, but we all remember how election officials in numerous states used the “emergency” excuse to weaken as many election integrity laws as they could, just before the 2020 elections.

In North Carolina, our state’s chief election officer surprised everybody by banning signature verification of absentee ballots. Why? Because nobody had ever written it into the law.

Nationwide, the media/political establishment managed to funnel millions of voters into absentee voting or other vote-by-mail options, both being the easiest way to hack our electoral process.

But that’s not just an opinion. North Carolina’s own Attorney General, Josh Stein, even admitted on camera that, “the bulk of voter fraud is by absentee” and he’s a Democrat!

Stein is the top law enforcement officer in North Carolina, so we deeply appreciate his saying the quiet part out loud?

Back before the Left could destroy such bipartisan initiatives, former President Jimmy Carter joined  former Secretary of State, James Baker, to head a commission exploring election integrity.

Among their final report’s common-sense conclusions, they agreed that, “absentee ballots remain the largest source of potential voter fraud” (p.46). 

One remediation proposed in their quaint 2005 final report was to restrict exactly who could “handle” a person’s ballot, limiting it to “the voter, an acknowledged family member, the U.S. Postal Service or other legitimate shipper, or election officials. (p. 47).

Bless their hearts!

We know they meant well, but the report became a blueprint, showing the Left exactly which election integrity measures they had to repel. And our old buddies at the Brennan Center quickly offered a “minority report,” attacking any effective Carter-Baker Commission measures.

Now that lawmakers recognize the threat, numerous states have enacted laws to limit the dangers of absentee voting.

That’s why we suspect that 2024 we’ll see a new “emergency” declaration. This time, their solution will be something new that they managed to sneak into the electoral process: on-line voting.

The growing threat of on-line voting

An easy way to predict the future election landscape is by watching how the Left sues to change election laws. Their current emphasis is on redistricting, but few things alarm us more than their coordinated push to expanded on-line voting.

We first reported on this trend when NC’s Legislature was one vote away from allowing on-line voting for “visually impaired” voters . . . whatever that means.

Facing fierce grassroots’ pressure, Speaker Moore snatched the bill from the calendar.

Then the Senate’s top election law expert showed us how the Left had already sued the disastrous idea into North Carolina.

The litigation (Taliaferro v. NCSBE) involved a friendly lawsuit with Democrat activists suing Democrat election officials, with a Democrat Attorney General defending our state’s law.

Such duplicity shows us how the Left uses the courts to weaken election integrity in states lead by “Republican” politicians.

NC’s response to Taliaferro exposed AG Josh Stein playing “roll-over” for the plaintiffs. He practically begged the Judge to ignore his “limited” defense, while being “ready to implement” Plaintiff’s demands. 

Taliferro plays into a nationwide scheme to enact on-line voting by any means necessary.

A group called Disability Rights NC provided the legal muscle for Taliaferro and a similar pattern of behavior has emerged in other states.

Last June, their Texas counterparts joined myriad Leftist groups and used the disability angle to fight their state’s election integrity reforms. The case is still pending, but unlike NC’s Attorney General, Texas is fighting back.

Elsewhere, in June 2020, a group called Disability Rights Tennessee applied similar legal pressure. Unlike NC’s Attorney General, they resisted on-line voting and settled for a system enabling blind to obtain a “print disability absentee ballot.”

An earlier lawsuit in 2016 brought NY into compliance, but they too avoided on-line voting as the solution.

Most of these lawsuits stem from the DC-based National Disability Rights Network, a non-profit that provides “legal advocacy services for people with disabilities,” with a focus on voting rights.

On-line voting is death to election integrity because of how easily it could be hacked by any enemy, foreign or domestic, so hat tip to the states fighting this new subversion tactic.

To be clear, North Carolina was not forced into on-line voting. They danced into it.

Who knew how much a bad Attorney General could accomplish?!

Fun Fact: North Carolina has not elected a Republican Attorney General in 126 years.

Our fear is for the states, like North Carolina, whose election agencies colluded with the plaintiffs to sneak on-line voting in through the back door.

Nobody will notice their legalized on-line voting until, say. . . September 2024, when Governors in those states will suddenly declare some sort of emergency and order everybody to vote on-line.

If you have any politicians you trust, you might want to have a chat.


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