In the name of “crisis” . . .

March 16, 2020 (Raleigh) earlier today, the NC State Board of Elections Executive Director, Brisson Bell, issued a proposed amendment to her agency’s governing emergency powers code (08 NCAC 01.0106) to accommodate the national emergency triggered by COVID-19 pandemic.

Emergency powers will soon expand under 08 NCAC 01 .0106

While this action is no cause for panic, it raises concerns about how much further the Left-leaning agency will weaken election safeguards in the name of said crisis.

As Rahm Emanuel, Chief of Staff for President-Elect Obama, famously told the Wall Street Journal, “you never want a serious crisis go to waste.” He then elaborated that it was “an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”

Click the above image to see Emanuel’s stunning strategy statement.

A past example of how the Left takes advantage of a “crisis” in election law involves the infamous touch-screen voting machines that were foisted upon the American people after Florida’s Bush-Gore (2000) election was spun into a crisis of antiquated voting machines. As a result, states spent hundreds of millions on machines that undermined public trust in the electoral process.

Hitting closer to home, we saw how certain “progressive” thinking in North Carolina misled our Legislature to devise new ways to stop “illegal” ballot harvesting. Overall, they had some good ideas, but one of them added a layer of secrecy that prevents detection of any massive ballot-harvesting operations until it’s too late.

So . . . what will they try this time?

Fortunately (for us but not for them) our California counterparts, Election Integrity Project – CA (EIP-CA) are already fighting that horror: All-mail elections and the Washington Post joined them in pushing the idea.

So far, only four states (CO, HA, OR, & WA) have drunk that poison, but once they did, the numbers became meaningless. Between good-old-fashioned voter fraud and the more sinister administrative-states election rigging, all four of those states are now reliable Leftists.

Problem: In order to conquer America, the Left needs All-Mail Voting in states like NC before November. Besides . . . we’ve got a crisis!

Adding the false flag of “increasing turnout” makes it even harder to stop 100% vote-by-mail elections. “After all,” they virtue-signal, “Why would you want somebody to vote?” (See how that works?)

We at Voter Integrity Project don’t worry about a lawful citizen getting to vote. Our problem is currently with the 994,172 missing voters whose ballots — and their votes — can be stolen under such a fraud-friendly law.

As of Saturday, March 14, North Carolina listed nearly a million missing voters.

Thanks to EIP-Ca’s hard work over the past nine years, they had enough facts to issue a blazing rebuke to their Secretary of State, Alex Padilla, and Los Angelas County Registrar of Voting, Dean Logan, after Logan proposed sending VBM ballots to nearly 5 million voters in LA County.

Their accompanying report identifies 855,788 ineligible registrants and 206,728 voters who haven’t voted or updated their voting records since the 2008 November elections. Their level of analysis was only possible through court-ordered transparency by state and county election officials.

Before North Carolina’s election officials can slip in a VBM system here, the Legislature needs to dig into the numbers and find out what pitfalls lie ahead. Clearly, the Agency is incapable of self-reporting such vulnerabilities themselves. Such “truthiness” would undercut their agenda.