Incoming! April of 2014 will be a month to remember.

Not to create too much anticipation… but last week’s stunning announcement from Kim Strach and the NC Board of elections was only the beginning of some great news in the election integrity movement. This coming week will feature two big stories involving our group: one will be a big win for our side and the other will be more of a toss-up.

The win will shock and amaze you…and I’m not going to spill any beans about it today; but keep an eye on our Tweets (from @VoteChecker) or our website for details. (Hint: Depending on your view towards the US Constitution, you will either be gleeful or depressed by our upcoming news.)

On the “toss-up” side, Buncome County has been ground zero for a battle with Progressives over the seemingly small matter of removing the names of voters who “by-law” have been proven to no longer reside within the precinct from which they voted in 2012. This seemed simple enough, but the Progressives in charge of Asheville’s League of Women Voters have made it their business to push back this effort with no regard for the truth or the law.

Instead, they made their (very weak) case that we targeted minorities; but they looked stupid after we showed how we challenged around four white voters for ever one black voter. Since that was the only card in their hand, they kept playing it over and over and continued to look pretty silly. That said, they managed to poison the environment so much that the weak-kneed Republican members of that county’s Board of Election went along with the Democrat and dismissed every challenge we made that suggested voter fraud (or voter identity theft) but  sustained every challenge that we expected to be a slam dunk for our side.

Those remaining in the challenge process will be considered this Thursday (April 10, 2014) at 6:00 PM at the Buncombe County Administration Building, 200 College Street, Asheville NC. To us, it’s a simple matter. The voters in question were not living at their old addresses, they no longer get mail at their old addresses and the NC law defines a piece of mail that is returned “undeliverable” by the the US Post Office to be “prima facie evidence that the voter no longer resides in the precinct.” Done deal! Right?

But with angry Progressives, noting is easy. They are probably scouring the homeless shelters on this beautiful Saturday (with scowls on their faces), in hopes of finding a poster child for all that is wrong with “voter suppression groups” (as they like to call us). With wild-eyed hatred, they will dig around to find someone who fits their role as a victim. Then they will drag their new BFF (victim) to the hearing and try to accuse us of attacking this person (whom we were never able to find). When we try to cross examine their “witness,” the Judge will (again) slap us down for not being attorneys, and suppress our effort (as he did last time).

Having read the same hate-filled how-to manuals the Progressives read, we fully anticipate that their side will even lie if it suits their desired outcome. To wit, if they fail at finding a bona fide victim to drag into the public eye, they will manufacture one!

So, while our side will be having an adult conversation about voter fraud and the very real vulnerabilities in our fraud-friendly election process, the other side will be screaming like four-year-old children that we’re mean people whose sole purpose in life is to bully the homeless. Get ready to laugh at them when they make their silly claims; because it’s all they’ve got.

In closing, for all of the above reasons, this looks to be a very interesting week in the national election integrity movement, so keep an eye out for us, say a few prayers for us (if it’s not too weird to you) and please consider making a small (or even a large) donation for our cause by clicking the “Donate” button on our website. You might also want to check out our revised and updated “About” page on the site while you’re at it.

Until the next time…