Intel Report (6/19/2014)

Pigs fighting Raleigh, NC—June 19—The appeasement cycle to erode open and honest elections gained momentum this week in North Carolina. While wandering the halls, begging Senators to kill the Everette Harris Act (a feel-good bill that would have allowed Everette Harris’ vote to count), a highly placed elected official confirmed that a key Senator “had killed” the three election fraud investigators already approved in the House budget.

Rise of the Zombie Voter

The Harris Act came about after Senate Candidate, Mark Harris told audiences how his WW II veteran father had voted absentee before passing away. He used the story in motivating listeners to vote early (but not often). Nobody told Mark that dad’s vote is illegal until somebody challenged the senior Harris’ vote and it was removed. The intent of early voting is to allow people to vote who are eligible (but are too busy) to vote on Election Day. If a person is not eligible on that particular date in time, then the vote is not supposed to be counted. If a kid turns 18 the day after the election or if an early voter dies or goes to prison the day before the election, their votes are not supposed to count. The Constitution drew the line on Election Day. While we extend our deepest sympathy for Mark Harris over the loss of his father, this bill will reenergize the practice of stealing votes from dead people by making detection more difficult. Among thousands of other things, election officials usually have about a week after polls close to figure out which early voters died before Election Day. If it was close, they have to pull those ballots before the canvass. The Harris Act would only allow removal of dead voters’ ballots if the actual date of each voter’s death were compared to the actual date of their vote, making the task far more difficult. Aside from raising serious Constitutional questions, the act would have the perverse effect of making it harder to detect dead voter identity theft. We oppose this well-intended measure.

Killing the Gumshoes

And speaking of detection, we recently cheered when the House approved $201,657 for three new investigators at the BOE. They needed to beef up the one-man shop (that Gary Bartlett starved for 20 years) in order to investigate more than 36,000 cases of interstate double voting AND to answer DOJ subpoenas into more than 400 criminal vote fraud referrals BOE made over the past decade. My Legislative sources tell me the original House budget funded five investigators and it was cut to three. Now the Senate is talking of lowering that number to zero??!! Vote fraud is THE KEY ISSUE in the upcoming DOJ lawsuit over NC’s voter ID law. The bad guys are blaming Jim Crow for our state’s long needed election law reform, while the good guys blame election fraud. But the bad guys say that vote fraud doesn’t exist. If nobody investigates the 36,000 cases already on the agenda, then nobody will prosecute and if nobody prosecutes, then the bad guys will continue screaming, “there is no vote fraud.” We pay for a lot of junk in government; but If we continue starving the investigative function at BOE, I wonder how we will ever get open and honest elections.