Intel Report 7/7/2014

(Winston Salem, NC) North Carolina’s trial of the century began today, in a courtroom that seats 100 spectators; so Pat Klienmeier (Forsyth County VIP Leader) and I braved the heat in a futile effort to get in on the opening day. The problem was the lovely air conditioned bus that offloaded 50-60 rent-a-mob activists just ahead of our arrival.

The problem was exacerbated by line breakers dressed like attorneys and some people with media credentials. Surprisingly, even some of the media types were not able to enter, but they wanted their story and had already heard from the right honorable Reverend Barber (who was permitted to break in line) and were interested in hearing the opposing view. WGHPTrial opening day

Standing in line behind a pair of younger bus riders, I couldn’t resist the chance to reason with them. After asking what specific parts of the law they were upset about, one stammered and said nothing. The other volunteered that the only reason they were there was to support their pastor and didn’t really know the details. They didn’t get in either.

On a brighter side, the media got bored! This opened the door for our side to be heard. After all, they often need an opposing viewpoint and today VIP gave them the viewpoint they needed for their stories.

WGHP of the Triad area invited me to chat with them and ran the story on their noon newscast. Time Warner Cable also covered VIP views as did an NPR affiliate from Charlotte. Sadly, the NBC affiliate was not interested in a rational response to the nuttiness.

At the noon break, a highly placed Attorney for our side quoted one of the plantiffs who testified in court about how she needed to have these laws struck down so “we can get our fair share.”

During their lunch break, some seats were empty, so I’m goin’ in! Will update this page later.