Intel Response: The Voter ID Compromise


June 21, 2015 (RALEIGH)–After tapping several legislative sources Friday, we’re convinced the GOP caucus did not “intentionally” gut the voter ID law. Their inexperience in election fraud analysis leads them to believe the new loophole “won’t be a big deal” in our state. We humbly accept their honest intentions, but vigorously reject “hope” as any kind of fraud-mitigation strategy. The time for screaming is over. Now, let’s pull up our sleeves and fix it.

At the end of the day, their new exception will, indeed, allow anybody to walk in with one of several non-photo pieces of paper (called “HAVA IDs”) and be guaranteed a vote that counts . . . so long as they fill out the paperwork correctly. We view this as a major security breach. Rep Lewis spun it to his caucus that South Carolina only had 119 voters exercised this loophole. We hope the same holds true here, but we’re preparing for the worst.

The past, never-prosecuted, criminal activities of groups like ACORN-NC lead us to believe they are capable of exploiting this loophole in ways that would only need to be used once to throw a major election. Far beyond compassion for “the poor,” there are strategic reasons certain groups are fighting voter ID with everything they’ve got and we underestimate those groups at our own peril.

DMV Mole

Rodent Problems

Several highly placed sources convince us that it was an inside job. This emergency legislation was caused by middle- and lower-level bureaucrats at DMV who collected fees for those “free” voter ID cards and demanded more documentation than allowed by law. Whether accidental or deliberate, those state employees raised new doubts about winning the entire voter ID lawsuit and that’s what triggered the lopsided vote count.

Heard from a highly placed source: One of DMV’s victims was a State Senator’s own mother!

At any rate, we’re modifying our “tell them to veto cry” and are now urging them to investigate the sources of such harassment, . . . down to the specific employee.

The notion of “progressive” moles undermining Republicans in the NC government complex is no shocker. One Rep even laughed, “they’re not used to having Republican bosses.” But jokes aside, Linda Paine, Director of California’s Election Integrity Project, even caught their DMV subverting laws against driver’s licenses for illegal aliens. So, NCDMV workers hassling applicants for their free voter ID cards is all too plausible . . . and very convenient for voter ID opponents!

Bottom Line: Governor McCrory and Transportation Secretary Bob Tata owe the public a full explanation.