Interstate voter roll sharing will reduce one type of election fraud.

(Raleigh, NC)—APR 22, 2013—A little over a month ago, the Voter Integrity Project of NC made national news for disclosing the results of their investigation in cooperation with both the Florida Secretary of State’s office and the NC State Board of Elections. The effort resulted in the NC SBOE agreeing to refer five NC voters for prosecution based on our work. Their crime was to vote in the November 2012 elections twice: Once in Florida and once in North Carolina.

Despite the virtual statewide blackout of the story, National Review On-Line’s John Fund picked up the story and a few days later, Eric Shawn of Fox News, invited me  to conduct a live interview on the matter. The story was ignored by the Associated Press, the Raleigh News & Observer and by WRAL (to name the biggest media in the Raleigh area) probably because they were afraid it might sway the voter ID debate away from their side.

Progressives who realize the story bursts their bubble of lies (the ones about voter fraud being as rare as unicorns) all fell back to their usual cliché that “voter ID would not have prevented this crime from happening.” While it sounds impressive, even Ivy League Liberals are not smart enough to know what would go through somebody’s mind as he starts to commit a felony by showing his driver’s license to the victim. I would suspect that most normal people would be deterred by having to show their ID up-front like that; but maybe it’s different with smarter people.

Anyway, I said this story involved good news, so here it is:

The one point we wanted to make with the investigation into dual voting . . . actually several points . . .  were these:

First, the crime is real. We only caught a small subset of people who were honest enough to report both a Florida and an NC address to the Board of Elections and then were dishonest enough to vote twice. We view this as the tip of the iceberg, since most college students do not report their out-of-state addresses on their in-state voter registrations and we have received numerous reports of college students bragging that they “voted twice for Obama.”

Second, our research leads to actionable information. In this case, it provided enough evidence to enable the authorities to prosecute five miscreants who voted twice.

Third, we hoped it would lead to laws requiring the NC BOE to share their voter rolls with other states. And that is where we get today’s good news! Four Legislators stepped up to sponsor House Bill 734, Interstate Agreements to Improve Voter Rolls. The key language in the bill is to have the state “enter . . . into data sharing agreements with other states to cross check information on voter registration and voting records.”

The bill’s sponsors are Bert Jones, Jonathan Jordan, Deborah Conrad and Michael Speciale. They are standing up for transparency in NC election law and should be congratulated. Here is the latest version of the bill. Please tip your hats to these four Legislators. They earned it!

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