Investigate ’em all…Repubs, DEMS & Unaffiliateds…and let God sort it out!

Anybody who argues that the election integrity movement is driven by partisanship is just trying to defend the status quo. We want every one of these double voters investigated by law enforcement for possible prosecution. Some will be actual “perps,” but others will be “vics.” In other words, some will have deliberately voted twice in two jurisdictions for the same election (which is a felony) and some will have moved away and voted from their new location with no knowledge that another person stole their identity at the polls and voted. The former can and should be prosecuted. The latter cannot be prosecuted (even though it was a fraud), because there is no way of knowing who walked in and stole the voter’s identity. “Real” voter ID laws would stop this type of election fraud, but NC’s voter ID law doesn’t go into effect until 2016, (To see the full report on the 100+¬†double voters we discovered¬†in FL and NC, please visit our Kindle page (by clicking here) and purchase the $9.99 report as a means of supporting our work . . . and learning how to dig up vote fraud.